Sunday, November 20, 2011

Out with the Old; In with the New

Sometime I'm amazed how the simplest change can make a huge difference. Today, that change was a decision to get a new shower curtain.

My original purpose for venturing to Bed, Bath and Beyond (B3) was to buy a humidifier. Yeah, of course I am doing this after my cold and I parted way, but better late than never. Strolling through B3 is never a chore for me. I love this place. The wanna be decorator inside of me loves walking down the aisles looking at all the home goods goodness. On this particular trip my eye caught the shower curtain display. There were several designs that I couldn't stop looking at.

The shower curtain I had was a wedding gift, along with a matching bathroom accessory set, given to the ex and I over 5 years ago. It was also part of the stuff I took when I moved after the divorce. I never really thought much about the fact that it was a wedding gift. It was just something that was a part of my bathroom that blended into the repetitiveness of my days.

However, one day, a few months ago, I was fixing my hair and noticed it in the mirror. For some reason on that particular day when I looked at it I was reminded of its origins. It was an arbitrary thought, but a thought I had nonetheless. As I made this observation, I also noticed that it no longer reflected my personal taste in decor. It appeared to me as heavy, cold/dark and boring; however, I wasn't moved to replace it right then and there. I just let it be as it was.

I'm not sure what moved me today to get a new shower curtain. It's kind of the same randomness that moves me to get new clothes or style my hair different. It happens when just ready of a change.
Since I couldn't make up my mind at the store which one I liked best, I bought three with the intention that two would find its way back to the store. As I hung-up the one I choose, I just knew it was the right fit. It opened up the space and made everything feel light, inviting and airy. I actually love it so much I'm even contemplating buying all the matching accessories (trash can, tooth brush holder, etc.), but I don't know how matchy matchy I want to get.

Once the divorce was final, I bought a bunch of new things for my new place. Granted I didn't buy new furniture, but I did manage to find a few pillows for my sofa that made it pop more. I also bought new dishes even though I had half of the ones we got as wedding gifts as well. (Looking at greyish blue and black while I ate was starting to give me the blahs.) I also bought new bedding and linens for the bathroom. It was a renewal sorts and a way of making this new place mine.

Today, I had that same feeling I had back then when I bought all those new items for my new home. It was the fresh new look that reflected who I now am now; not who I was then.

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  1. love this post!!! and the shower curtain is beautiful. i know we're doing a curtain for one of our bathrooms after it gets redone. i should show you a pic of the colors and style and let you come up with some ideas. i never posted about this, but what i hate as much as shoe shopping is going to B3. It overwhelms me too much! you should become a personal home decorating shopper for people. anyway, i'm glad you're still finding your own style!