Friday, November 4, 2011

Funky Foto

Back in September I went on a tour of Angelic Organics Farm in Caledonia, IL. During that visit I took a massive amount of pictures; however, at the time I didn't know where my card reader was so I couldn't download them until I found it. Thankfully, I solved that problem fairly quickly. The next issue was finding time to sort through all of them. This turned-out to be a bit more difficult resolved.

I still haven't looked at all the picture and weeded out the ones I want to work on vs. those that will just be deleted. I did, however, come across the picture below that jumped right out at me .... After the main tour was over, my friends and I were treated to an additional "VIP" tour of sorts since we had done some Pro Bono work for their learning center. This included getting to see where those that come to visit the farm stay and the areas where employees gather periodically to relax and kick-back. Below is a picture of something that caught my eye during this part of the day.

There is something about the combination of items in continues to draw me in time, and time, and time again. I haven't been able to put my finger on why and it is possible I will never know for sure. I do, however, know it captivates me and for now that is all that matters.

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