Thursday, November 24, 2011

Today's Froggie meets Froggie 10 years from now

I'd imagine setting a time to meet her for lunch would be a tad on the difficult side. She's busy; I'm busy... or at least I would assume she is busy. Why wouldn't she be busy? I mean, she is me 10 years from now. It only makes sense she would be busy.

This week for the Thursday blog project Susanna asked us to write about if we could have lunch with 10 year older self, what we would talk about?

As I mentioned above it would probably be a tad on the challenging side to make plans... Or, maybe it wouldn't. Maybe 10 years from now I've finally slowed down. However, even at 46-years-old I can't imagine that being the case since staying busy is a trait that runs in my family... but you never know. When we met for lunch, I'm sure it would be at a restaurant that serves fabulous breakfast food - we have always loved breakfast foods!

Though I'd probably ask my 10-year-older self some specifics about her life, I believe our conversation would inevitably move away from an interview like conversation, and would mostly focus more on random topics of conversation. She's always felt the best way for people to get to know her is to chat her up about this and that. (It has always been the best way to find out about her likes, dislikes, interests, etc.)

My 10 year older self would share with me what is happening with my family. My youngest niece and nephew would be 16-years-old and 14-years-old respectively and making life even more interesting for their parents then they do right now. My great nephew will be 13-years-old. She'd also share with me what is going on with my mother, brothers, sister-in-laws and other family members.

I wouldn't expect my 46-year old self to tell me everything about her life or things that have taken place over the past 10 years. We both know that life is full of unexpected events and relieving too much might be difficult for me to know. Furthermore, she wouldn't want to ruin any of the awesome things that happen as well.

Before we parted way, we'd hug and tell each other not to forget to take care of ourself as we both have a tendency to put caring for others ahead of our needs.

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  1. love it! and by the way, you have a few more days left of being 35. :) i do that too though...i age myself ahead before my birthday.