Monday, November 7, 2011

Breaking The Beauty Queen Mold

It takes me awhile to remember her exact name. We all just call her "Miss Georgia."

She wouldn't mind that this was the case. She looks back quite fondly on her beauty pageant days. Her involvement in pageants stretches back to when she was just a little girl. At the tender age of five her mama asked her this was something she'd be interested in doing and she told her with much enthusiasm that it WAS something she wanted to do.

This wasn't a surprised to many. From an early age, Miss Georgia craved being in the spotlight and would take every chance she got to show off something she had just learned whether is was how she could do cartwheels or a new song she had learned to sing.

One glance at Miss Georgia and you could tell she was a beauty queen - you didn't even need for her to tell you this. She carried herself in such a way there was no doubt about it. Upon meeting her, many were surprised to learned she had graduated from one of the Ivy schools with a degree in Finance and Masters in Business Administration. She had considered Law School at one point, but decided to hold off on that for the time being. Needless to say, Miss Georgia proved that beauty and brains could exist in one package. She was a young, successful business woman whom appeared to be unstoppable.

Outside of work, Miss Georgia was a thrill seeker who found a lot of her adventures in the great outdoors. An athlete to the core, by the age of 26 she had completed many events such as Iron Man and various other triathlons. She also enjoyed a marathon here and there as well. She participated in many of these event with her fiance as he too was an avid thrill seeker/athlete himself.

Amongst all the great quality that Miss Georgia possessed, what stood out to me was her kind, humble nature. You could sense that though she knew how awesome she was, she somehow remained grounded and awfully thankful for all the blessings she had received in her life. She appeared to never take these things for granted and gave thanks every day for them. Ultimately, her mission in life was to make people smile and feel as blessed as she did.

She was unlike any beauty queen I had ever met - one that definitely broke the mold, and had a good time doing so.

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