Thursday, December 19, 2013

Watch for the Signs

One of my favorite movies from the 90's is "Fools Rush In" starring Selma Hayek and Matthew Perry. 

The short and dirty synopsis of this movie of IMDB is as follows:  After a one night stand with Isabel, Alex realizes that she is pregnant and they decide to get married. However, along with the marriage comes compromise of one's own cultural traditions. 

Several times during the movie Selma Hayek's character references the idea of reading the signs the universe sends you as a way to make life decisions.  However, Matthew Perry's character believes that's a load of crap!

Personally, I do believe the universe sends us signs as to the path we should follow, and it has been my experience that should you ignore them (or not recognize them) the signs can potential increase in size.  This is a story that I often think of when when it comes to signs.  

In my life it once took a truly epic "sign" for me to take action that I probably should have taken a lot earlier than I did.  For that matter, when I think back even farther I believe there were signs that could have prevented me from making the first mistake that would evidently set-off the chain of other signs.  (Yes, I know I'm being vague, but now is not the time for details.)

I've been thinking about the interpretation of signs a lot lately.  Especially after a dinner and lunch I attended this past weekend.  Some of the interpretation of signs I heard sounded to me a bit far fetched, but then again who am I to say whether they are or not - to each their own.  Ultimately, I think it can be a bit overwhelming to look for signs.  Sometimes I question "if" something was a sign and "if" it was it then makes me question what it meant because to me it could mean one thing and to another something else.

All this rambling is leading up to how I got to today's Thursday Blog Project: Open to interpretation. 

At the end of the day I think like a lot of things how we look at events and interrupt them is all in how we individually view the world around us.


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Thursday, December 5, 2013

They all blur together ... that is until one stands out!

It's been awhile since I posted a blog for the Thursday Blog Project, and I promise I will post the ones I'm missing soon!

This week Sara asked to write about: Our favorite and least favorite days of the week.

It took me awhile to figure out what I was going to say about this topic.  I struggled with it because there is no day of the week that I look forward to most or least.  Sure, I have routines and things that I do on particular days of the week, but truth me told as much as those things may or may not bring joy to my life I can't say that it what makes me like a day more or less.

If I really sit and think about what makes a day a favorite of mine or not a favorite it is more about what happens during that day and/or how I feel about it all.  Let me explain...

Days when I'm tired, especially extremely tired, forget it.  Getting through the day is the main goal.  If I can catch a quick nap, that makes those days a good day!  Some days that would seem like bad days, actually turn out to be good one.  For instance, there as one day this year that was "Murphy's Law Day" at work.  Anything that could go wrong did go wrong.  However, instead of getting grumpy and pissy about it about halfway through we just started laughing about it all and anticipated the next thing that would go wrong.  I guess you can say we embraced the bad that day and found a way to spin it into something good... which is why it was a good day (and one of my favorite days this year).

I'm not sure if I'm answered the question posed to us properly, but I hope it give y'all a feeling of how I view what makes something a "favorite day" or a "least favorite day".  It's not a definitive answer because they all blur together... that is until one stands out!


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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Froggie: v.38

Like last year, this post is quite belated.  After an abbreviated week and busy weekend I am finally getting my head back in the game.

Last year, my birthday weekend was busy.  This year I would describe it as hectic... in a good way!  I'm sure the fact that Hanukkah and Thanksgiving were pretty much the same weekend just added to the busy.  Thankfully, my plans for Thanksgiving allowed me to not only escape where I live, but also allowed me to get the rest that I've so badly needed the past couple of weeks.

My biggest goal for this year was to make this time of year happy.  Though there are things going on that are causing me stress and sadness, I was still able to achieve this ultimate goal.  This makes me smiles because for a long time my birthdays weren't a time of happiness for me and it's nice to be able to see that they are now and realize how different things in my life are though they might not always appear as such.

I'm not going to go on publicly this year about what I wish to accomplish during this year.  I don't really feel the need to do so.  Maybe it's because they are super personal and things only people in my inner, inner, inner circle need to know.  Or maybe it's just the mere fact that I don't feel the need to.

All I will say is that I'm following my heart (and gut), and have a calm in me that I haven't had before.  I am hopeful for a wonderful year, a wonderful life, and look forward to all the things and possibilities it has to offer.