Thursday, December 18, 2014

It's Not Gross At All!

This week's Thursday Blog Project topic, compliments of Sara, is: Tell us about something you really love that others can’t relate to.

When I first saw this topic all I could think was "Crap Monkey! I have no freakin' clue what I could share for this one."  Then, as I was talking to Melissa this evening it hit me like a bolt of lighting.  

I love breakfast foods.  I mean LOVE them.  Especially hashed browns.  I am very specific about how they are prepared.  I like them extra, extra, extra crispy.  I usually throw in the third "extra" because most of the time places cook hashed browns enough to heat them up so the third "extra" is to emphasize that I want crispy hashed browns.  Not burnt hashed brown, crispy hashed browns.  

Okay, so you're probably wondering what this has to do with the topic and why I'm going on about hashed browns.  Here is why... Once my plate arrives with my crispy hashed browns the next step, in my mind, to hashed brown perfection is to put maple syrup on top of them.  

This is where I pause so you can take in how grossed out you are by this combination..... 

If you are grossed out by this combination, you're in good company.  Most people are.  So grossed out by it that I typically  explain what I'm about to do right before I pour the syrup on top of the browns. There are, however, a few people who were intrigued by this combination the first time they saw it and tried it for themselves only to find out they too love it as much as I do.

To those that are grossed out by it, I try to explain it's the combination of sweet and salty mixed with a hint of grease.

So there you are.... Hashed browns with maple syrup on top is one thing that I LOVE that others can't relate to.

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Are you my Hero or a Zero?

For this week’s Thursday Blog topic, Denise chose: Is there a celebrity scandal that would really upset you, simply because you love that celebrity/hold him or her in high esteem? Has it already happened? If there’s no celebrity, is there a person in your real life like that?

This topic was inspired by the Bill Cosby rape accusations that are currently playing out in the media.  I have to admit, I didn't want to believe them.  There is no way "Dr. Huxtable" was a serial rapist.  No way!  No how!  I refuse to believe it!  However, once I got over my initial shock I realized that it COULD be possible.

With all that said, I'm not going to express my thoughts on the Bill Cosby matter in great detail, but I have admit it did shock me when I first heard the reports.

I'm not sure what other celebrities/high profile individuals would shock/upset me as well.  The person in my real life I would be most shocked about is The Mensch.  Over the years I've used a lot of nicknames for the people in my life I write about to protect their privcacy, however using the nickname for The Mensch is not all about privacy, it is also because this person is the epitome of a mensch.

The Mensch is someone who just randomly came into my life earlier this year and I cannot say enough wonderful things about him.  His family, and all those who come in contact with him - including me - are so fortunate.  With that in mind, I could NEVER in a million years imagine The Mensch doing something that wasn't above board or scandalous.

Now, don't get me wrong, he's not perfect.  However, again, I just can't imagine it and if something were to come out.  Yeah, my world would be shattered.  The mensch is just one of many I feel that way about.

  On the flip side, there have been people I've known that were accused of crimes and at first I was freaked out, but then thought, "Yeah, I can totally see them doing that."  I think the thing that freaked me out the most was when I was asked to write a character letter for a person who was charged with a crime.  Yeah... there is a very short list of people I would do write that kind of letter for and this person was not one of them.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014


It's been sometime since I participated in the Thursday Blog Project - and even this one is late.  Unfortunately, it isn't the first time I've had a gap in posting like this, but I guess this is one of those times when I have to say "it is what it is." (Man! I don't like that saying, yet it's so fitting.)

The inspiration for this week's topic: Unimaginable, was taken from Dina Silver, an author I recently interviewed for Chick Lit Central. I felt like it was fitting since 2014 has been such an amazing year for me.  Seriously, I would have never imagined the adventures I'd be taking, the opportunities I'd get and the amazing people that would come into my life.

Since I mentioned Chick Lit Central, I'll start there.  I'm still working for CLC.  I'm not as involved as I use to be, or that I want to be for that matter.  Hopefully I'll get more involved again in the near future.  In the meantime, I'm still conducting author interviews - which is something I really enjoy.  I've done this over the years for fun and to get experience with journalist interviewing with the hope that it would lead to freelance work.  Overtime, it's been great to have on my resume and has provided me with a lot of sample of my work.  At one point this experience landed me a Public Relations internship.  This year it landed me a freelance piece with the Jewish United Fund of Metropolitan Chicago's magazine, JUF News.  I got the job through a "twist of fate" type situation and was so excited when it happened.  It was especially exciting because the author I got to interview, Maggie Anton, is someone whose characters are strong, Jewish women.  The timing was perfect as I tried to figure out where my feminist beliefs fit in with my newly obtained religious practice. It was an "unimaginable" thing to be doing.

Of course training for, participating in and finishing the Chicago Marathon was unimaginable as well.  I still can't believe I got a lottery space and really followed through to the finish line.  Okay, yes, I am someone who does everything in their power to make something happen when they really want it, but like I've said before I didn't know I wanted it, or for that matter how badly I wanted it, until it was right in front of me.  Whenever I think of this accomplishment, I smile and feel a lot of pride.  I also feel like a rock star.  I also look forward to the other marathons I do in the coming years.

This year also found me propelled forward career wise - to a degree.  It's been a nice push.  When the first set of events took place that caused this forward motion I wasn't sure it was for the best, but I stayed strong, and positive, that it was going somewhere better.  As I currently navigate through further unknown circumstances I remain positive that I'm heading in the right direction.  In terms of my volunteer work, I was recently appointed to be the Account Director for a Taproot Foundation project for the third time.  In addition to the fact that I love being in the AD role, this time the client I'm working with is very well-known in the area and internationally.  It's very surreal and I'm so thankful to be given this opportunity.  I hope I can arise to the occasion!

Lastly, as I look back on 2014, I think about all the amazing people I have in my life.  Like with other years people have come and gone over the past year, however I truly feel the ones who are stayed are amazing and it's unimaginable to have them in my life. 

Also, this summer my BFF and I marked 27 years of friendship.  Though I hate singling people out, I'm going to because ... well, she's my BFF.  This particular year I feel our friendship has reach a new level of love, admiration and respect.  To mark this year's Friendaversary we recreated on of our favorite pictures from our childhood when I visited her this past Fall.  It is unimaginable that there was ever a time we didn't know one another and that we actually didn't talk for a period of time.  I'm truly fortunate to have her in my life.

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