Friday, November 25, 2011

Magnificent Memories

This evening I took a leisurely stroll down Michigan Ave, a.k.a The Magnificent Mile, "Mag Mile".

As I made my way north from Millennium Park (South Michigan Ave) towards the many shops that occupied North Michigan Ave a flurry of memories began to rush through my mind.

It all started when I saw Sweetwater Restaurant. I've never actually been to this restaurant when it was Sweetwater. I did, however, go to the Bennigan's the once occupied the space when I was back in high school. I'll actually never forget that night because it was just a random decision amongst the group to head into the city. I figured if anything we'd find a place unique to the city to dine at - not Bennigan's. This was just one of several trip into the city with this group of friends on a weekend evening.

While reminiscing about the whole "why did we travel to the city to eat at Bennigan's" memory I walked by stairs that led to a water taxi service. Immediately another memory came to mind...

Yep! That's me striking a pose. This was taken in September 2005, however it seems like it was just yesterday. Even though I've looked at this photo a million time, tonight was the first time I noticed the individual who took the shot did a bit of photoshop work to it. Regardless, it was such a lovely evening. It started out as an impromptu trip into the city to get something from the Apple store. Right before this photo was taken, the strap on my Coach purse had broken just as we passed the Coach store. I was hesitant to go into the store as I had had a bad experience with their staff several months earlier, but alas I went in and ended up leaving with a bran-spankin' new purse which I still have all these years later.

As I passed the water taxi stair, and kept moving north, right in front of me was the WGN Radio station broadcasting booth. Like many media outlets in the Chicagoland area, WGN has glass windows so those passing by can see their favorite broadcasters at work. I've passed this landmark many times, and many times I think about the same thing - my father. My family are die-hard Cubs fans. That being the case, during baseball season, my father would not only have the game on tv, but also have the radio tuned to WGN to listen to the game. I'm not sure why he needed both, but it was just his thing. I've never been lucky enough to see any of the broadcasters at work when I pass by, but I'm always hopeful each time I'm in the area.

As my walk continued, I entered into the part of the trip where different memories from various shopping experiences came rushing back. The Mag Mile has been the site of many meet-ups for my friends and I. I even remember a time I specially went to Water Tower looking for a new outfit for a date I had. As I approached Michigan and Erie I looked up and saw the John Hancock building.
I realize this picture isn't the best, but the site struck me as soon as I saw it. I've only been in the John Hancock building once. The memory is bittersweet. I try to remember the amazing view that particular night and the happiness of that evening instead of focusing on bitter part of the association.

My Mag Mile memories aren't all about shopping trips with friends and sports radio associations, I have also spent time on this stretch of road conducting business. This area has also been home to professional conferences and several interviews. Sometimes it seems like you just can't avoid this area.

Nowadays, anytime I'm on Michigan Ave is mainly on the southern portion of the road - in the financial district referred to as "The Loop." I have some wonderful memories of time spent during the Summers of 2010 and 2011 at Millennium Park. Tonight, my stroll down memory lanes started in this area. I had wandered there are being cooped-up at the library for a majority of the day. I had never really been to the park at night when it was dark and wanted to see what it was like.
Just as I suspected, it was still full of life. The first thing I passed when I arrived there was a long line of people waiting to rent ice skates. I had forgotten about the ice rink at MP and was happy to have received a reminder. It's been put on my list of things to do this winter as I've been wanting to skate there at least once since the beginning of 2010.

As my trip down memory lane came to a close I thought about though it was nice to have so many magnificent memories of the area what made me most happy was thinking all the potential memories to be made there in the years to come.

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