Thursday, August 30, 2012

One gray hair. Two gray hairs. Three gray hairs ... Ok, that's it, I'm not counting anymore!

This week for the Thursday Blog Project, Susanna gave us the following topic:  What scares you the most about getting older?

It's not something I think about often; however, periodically as I'm fussing with my hair I'll notice it... or for that matter "them." I'm talking about my gray hairs.

The first gray hair ever found on me was when I was 25-years-old. My boss was standing over me as I showed her something. Out of the blue she blurted, "You have a gray hair." "No I don't!" I insisted. (I was too young.) However, that evening I stood in front of my bathroom mirror determined to find this alleged gray hair. Just as I was about to deem my bosses' statement false, I saw it. I was mortified! I was only 25, how could this be? I thought to myself. Thankfully I was in a relationship with someone who knew the right thing to say which helped me calm down, and mitigated the quarter century crisis that had already been in full effect probably for a good year prior.

In the years that followed, I periodically went into a state of panic that more of these creatures may have invaded my hair follicles and would vigorously scan my head to see if was actually the case. Thankfully, it wasn't. When I hit my mid-30s I began to notice more and more gray hairs. I no longer went into a state of panic over this, instead I accepted what was happening and began to regularly check to see how out of control "the problem" was getting. you had asked me, I'd have told you they had taken over my whole head, but once again that wasn't the case.

I'm now as I near my late-30s, "the state of grays" is a regular conversation I have with my hair stylist when I get my hair cut. (One of the things I love about my hair stylist is that she will tell me the truth, no matter how unpleasant it is --  if an idea I have for my hair sucks, she'll tell me; if my grays are taking over, she won't sugar coat it.)

Though I haven't gone completely gray, yet, I want to know where things stand, I also want to have a plan of attack as well. This has started fostered conversations with my stylist about what my "options" once these creatures have in fact taken over. (What can I say, I'm a planner.)

From what I've been told, my "grays" are really white, and I've been told that if I were brave enough, I should consider going fully "gray." I use the word "brave" in terms of letting my hair go totally gray as for me not coloring my hair and going completely gray would in fact be a massive act of bravery.

I don't believe obsess over going gray like women do -- at least not the men I know.Sure , they worry about going bald, but women lose their hair as well. (Honestly, it's a concern of mine as well as I've always had thin hair.) In our society, a man with gray hair, or no hair for that matter, is sexy. However, women, not so much.

This might be a superficial concern about aging, but it one that I think about, more often than I wish to admit.  However, it is a fact of life that is beginning to stare me in the face more and more as the years pass.  Hopefully when the time does come to face the grays, I will do so with grace and know that I have earned each and every one of them.  

But, until that day... I plan to believe that I will always have the beautiful color hair that I've lived with for the past 36 years.

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Taking Inventory (And maybe some bragging as well!)

As each year comes to a close, I have a tendency to take inventory on the things I've done during the year.  Though we're not quite to the end of the year yet, give the topic for this week's Thursday Blog Project I figured why not sit-down and start my list...

Oh, btw, Melissa choose the following topic:  It's all about self-love... Compliment yourself (as many or as few compliments as you want) OR tell us about something nice you'd like to do for yourself (if money and time were unlimited). You can even do both if you want, but not required.

In my writing world... 
 •  Since April, I've written and had published six book reviews.   
 •  This also means, for all intents and purposes, I've read a book per month (which up until this year is UNHEARD OF in my world).

 •  Written three author tributes.

 •  Interviewed and wrote interview introductions for seven different authors.  A few of these pieces have even received much praise from authors and publicist.

 •  I've written one feature article and have two others slated to be published this year.

 •  A local blog has told me that I am welcome to be a contributing blogger when I am ready to write for them.

In my running world... 

 •  Completed 8 5K races since March.

 •  Expect to complete my goal of completing 12 races by the end of October. 

 •  Anticipate completing 14, possibly 15 races by the end of the year.

 •  Recovering from my races more quickly than I use too. 

In my crafting world... 

 • Have established several solid relationships within yarn dyers and manufactures.

•. Someone I know actually offered to help me weave in the ends of the above mentioned blankie.  (Which is such a blessing!)

•  Currently in the process of a selfish knitting project for the first time in a VERY LONG TIME!!!

In my volunteering world... 

 •  Was a Project Manager for a volunteer project that finished up in January.

 •  Was made an Account Director for my next volunteer project, and it is with an organization whose mission has a very special place in my heart.

As I look over this list, I can't help but feel like I'm missing something... OH!  I TOTALLY AM!!!

In my pie world... 

 • I learned to make pie from scratch this year... and it is KICK-ASS PIE!!! 
 (I'd list how many pies I've made since I learned this past May, but I've sorta of lost track. Ooops!)


Can't forget my precious Elsie.  I know she isn't an "accomplishment" but she has truly been a joy in my life.  (And personally speaking..  I know I got the better end of the deal on this one!)

Even though I've done all these AWESOME things, the greatest thing I've done this year is spend more time with my mom and family.  Last year I was around much because I was preoccupied with LSAT stuff and I promised my mom at the beginning of the year I would spend more time with everyone.  I have not only kept my promise, but I think I've exceeded my mom's expectations of that promise.  At the end of the day, I think that is what matters the most!

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Cable Box Wasn't Working

Sunday night, the 2012 Summer Olympic came to an end.

It is kind of a same that that is the case as that was the same day my cable box got fixed.  About a week earlier my connection punked out on me and left me without television capabilities (at least I that is what I thought... but that's a different story).

This week for the Thursday Blog Project, Sara gave us the following topic:  Recap of the Olympics in your own words. What is your favorite event or athlete to watch? If you don't watch, why don't you?

I can't blame my lack of knowledge about what happened during the Olympic totally on my "punked-out" cable box.  It was in fact working for the opening ceremony.  (I know this for a fact because I still have the opening ceremony on my dvr waiting to be viewed.)  The Summer Olympics have never been my all time favorite.  I'm more of a Winter Olympics kind of gal ... I'm all about figure skating!!!

The only thing I did watch in terms of the games was the qualifying gymnastics performance when Jordyn Wieber lost the opportunity to compete for a medal by a minute score difference.  The remainder of my information came from conversations with friends.  Mr. Not-So-Perfect texted me about the running events.  We both agreed running a 10K race in something like 30 minutes was insane.  I heard all about gymnastics from CT.  I also heard about how people were dogging Gabby Douglas on Twitter because her hair wasn't perfect during the competition.  (Seriously?!  She's in the process of winning a gold metal at the Olympics and people are fussing over her hair... WTF people?!)

I didn't "dvr" the closing ceremony.  I should have and hope I will find it somewhere so I can watch it.
(And yes, "dvr" is a verb now!)

I'm looking forward to the 2014 Winter Olympics.... can't wait for figure skating!!!!

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Pursuing Your Passion

"It's hard for many to imagine, but having fun, feeding your passions, and engaging your talents are simple steps that will take you to the bigger answers you seek." ~ Jonathan H. Ellerby

The above quote was taken from Sara's facebook page, and the basis for the Thursday Blog Project topic this week: Pursuing your passion.

Originally, I was going to talk about how pursuing my passions have made all the difference in my life (because it totally has); however, then I attended Stitch Midwest this past weekend. (The main reason for the tardiness of this week's post.)

Aside from getting a chance to see the different types of yarn and yarn related accessories, one of the things I love about my annual trip to Stitches Midwest is the people who attend this annual yarn conference.

Year after year I am observe in awe of all my fellow fiber arts peeps who come to the conference displaying their passion for the their craft. Some of them wear their creations and I am always impressed by what they produced. (I swear one of these days I WILL make at least one sweater and shawl.)

I'm impressed by the designers ability to create such lovely designs. This year, I got to know two designers and was super impressed by their abilities. I was also impressed by how humble they were about their abilities and their willingness to talk with their followers. Also, all of them are so open to feedback about their patterns.

The other thing that struck me about this group is the willingness of people to help on another. The knitting/crochet community, like others creative communities I am part of, is a supportive one. I have yet to meet someone who has refused to teach or help someone out with what they are working on.

As I left Stitches Midwest this weekend I was thankful that I became so involved in the fiber arts community. I've made good friends as a result and discovered talents I didn't even know I had. Pursuing this passion of mine has definitely been a blessing in my life.

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Monday, August 6, 2012

32 oz. of Pop

This week for the Thursday blog, Susanna gave us the following topic:  It is illegal in some parts of this country to buy a 32 ounce soda but it isn't lllegal to buy a gun.

First and foremost, I'd like to state that I will not be mentioning any of my opinions when it comes to guns and gun control for personal reasons I will not go into.

As for the ban on 32 oz sugary pop drinks (yes, I said POP, not soda)... When Susanna gave us the topic all I could think was, "Really?!?!"  After doing a bit of research online I came across several articles about the proposed ban.  The main reason for this proposed ban has do the New York City government wanting to help it's citizens be healthy.

I understand the intent behind this proposal is to promote healthy living.  Now, I'm all for health living, making healthy choices and promoting these things, however I have to ask if it's really the government's place to control such things.  Especially given there are many other foods and drinks that are worse for you. 

That's all on this topic for me... I have to go out and by myself a 32 oz. pop before some government official in my area decides to follow Mayor Bloomberg's lead.

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