Thursday, November 10, 2011

Don't Forget Your Shoulder Pads

When I was a child shoulder pads were used quite often in various clothes, and thanks to my mom there were plenty of them on hand at home should a particular item of clothing not have them already sewn into it.

Every Thursday, myself and three of my friends blog about the same topic. We each take turns on picking the topic. This week, Sara, of Momarock fame, got to pick the topic. Inspired by some jeggings she saw, we were asked to write about a clothing item, or items, we wouldn't be caught dead in.

The first thing that came to mind when she gave us this topic was shoulder pads.
I know it's not an item of clothing, and furthermore they do in fact serve a purpose when it comes to fashion design, but I'm so scared from my mom's insisting I wear them with everything I that these days I'd rather put my sloping shoulders on display for the whole world to see, than voluntarily put a pair of shoulder pads under a top I'm wearing.

The next thing I would never wear is something I saw while walking around downtown this past Spring... They were velour (or possibly corduroy) leggings. For that matter, I'll throw in jeggings into this mix as well.
I have to admit, when I saw the corduroy leggings I had to do a double take. I love corduroy pants, and jeans for that matter as well, but I'm not so open minded using these materials for leggings. Part of does have to do with the fact that leggings just aren't flattering on my body so I just stay away from them all together. (The only pair of stretchy fitted pants that I put on my body are workout capris.) However, I just can't seem to wrap my mind around why you would want to use these materials for leggings.

Even though there are many more things I wouldn't be caught dead wearing, I'll only feature one more... And the lucky winner is - Z Cavaricci pants.
Let me tell ya folks, there were a lot of people walking around my high school with these pants on. I thought maybe, just maybe, the years would have softened me up a bit and allowed me to appreciate this style of pant, however that is not the case. I still don't get the appeal. Even if someone gave me some insight to why they are so wildly loved.

Ok, I thought of one more thing I wouldn't be caught dead in.... a Snuggie. I just don't get it.... Enough said!

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  1. i'm glad i'm not the only anti-snuggie person here! and i cut shoulder pads out of all my clothes. they are such a throwback to the "working girl" period of the 80's.