Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Off the Grid

• There is only 10 more days left... really, I need more time!

• Can someone please tell me why people put exclamation points inside parentheses?(!) I'm seeing this a lot lately I do not understand what the point of this is... what am I missing?

• I tried completing what I believe will be a trifecta of sorts by calling to find out where things stood for me on an important matter. Instead of getting an answer, I got voice mail.

• The can of worms that I thought I put away came out again yesterday. However this time the can wasn't open, it was thrown away... finally. Or in other words, we finally had the conversation that needed to take place.

• Now that I've taken care of that, I'm wondering what to do with the elephant. I think it needs to find a new home (my place is a bit cramped); however, I don't want to confront this matter in the way I think I'm going to have too.

• Tonight I ran two miles without stopping. This is a first. I also ran half a mile on a slight incline. #improudofmyself

• Some people just want to see what they want to see. #somethingimustremember

• I just discovered the benefits of the Airplane Mode feature on cell phones.

• Thus far this week I've been told twice that I'm tenacious - and it was meant as a compliment. Usually when someone says that they are giving me a difficult time about this quality.

• When I started out this year I was very tight-lipped about what I was up to in terms of what I was up with some things in my life. These day, not so much.

• Today someone told me that they liked that I walked quickly. Random, I know. With that in mind, I've never gotten a compliment for that before - usually people are telling me to slow down.

• So far this new world I'm in has been interesting. There is a lot of opportunity for me to learn, and also the chance to make some good connections.

• I met Benny the Bull (the Chicago Bulls mascot) in an elevator in one of the government buildings last week. I went to go take a picture of him, however he insisted we take a picture together. It was nice to see Benny was still working despite the NBA lockout that seems to persist.

• There is nothing specifically I have to say about the subject of this post - "Off the Grid." I saw the term somewhere and liked how it sounds.

• This coming Thursday it will be a year sicne project "Life Map" was born. It's hard to believe that it's been that long. When I put this together I really didn't know what to make of it. I didn't know if I would actually do anything with it or if it would just become a funny story to tell my friends (like it was in the beginning). December 1st of 2010 was the first day I did something about project life map. Again, I didn't know what to make of it.

These days, I still think of this little experiment; however, I don't do so because it is guiding me through life like it first did in the early days. I think of it because it in some weird way it transformed me this year. It brought me back to the person I've always been, but forgot I was.

Recently, when I was in my kitchen I found myself thinking about how the walls were covered in all the possibilities the map provided. I was also thinking about how bare my walls looked. For the first couple months of this year that map was the prominent decor in my kitchen. Then my mind began to float into all the possibilities for 2012. I began to smile. Though some of them seem uber ambitious, the ideas I have excite me and make me look forward to the new year.