Thursday, November 3, 2011


It was before facebook and Twitter.... MySpace .... and even Friendster.

The first social networking site I was an active member of was a Human Resources community called HRMAN. It was not only a place for me to go ask HR related question, but a place to develop relationships with ours within the profession. More often than not, the message board I spent the most time on was the random chatter lists. Every Friday there was a post call "Three Good Things." This is where you could voluntarily share with the group three things that were good about your week. As one might imagine, some weeks were easier than others; however, I always posted to the thread because I wanted to make sure I also recognized the good things about the week - not just the bad - even if this meant post that the fact that it was Friday three times was my good thing for the week. One day I went to the site to find that the it had been hacked to the point major work on the site had to be done. This saddened me. This was a happy place for me. In the weeks to come, for various reasons, a decision not to relaunch the board was made. I had tried to do the whole "Three Good Things" here and there, but for some reason it was never the same.

Every Thursday, myself and three of my friends blog about the same topic. We each take turns on picking the topic. This week, it was my turn to decide what we would be writing about. The topic I picked is based upon a similar type of posting as the "Three Good Things" story I just shared. It's based upon the hash tag "#whatwentwelltoday" that is circulating around Twitter. The idea is that you post what went well during your day and then add the hash tag "#whatwentwelltoday" so it is searchable by others.

My request was that all my fellow bloggers keep a list of what went well for five days. If they wished to share this in their post they were more than welcome to, but I wasn't about to forces them as I realize some of them might be personal. I then asked to write about their experience with having to record what went well during those day. I asked them to think about if it was hard for them to think of things that went well, did it change how they looked at their days and is it something they think they'll keep doing.

Before I share my thoughts on those items, I will happily share my list of things I've tweeted for the past two weeks. (Please note, that since I've been tweeting these things they are all 140 characters long and don't fully express EVERYTHING that went well during my day; however, I think it gives you a decent snap-shot.)

11/2 - Car is fixed, exploring a new career path and enjoyed the lovely weather.

11/1 - Finished the presentation for my voluntr project meeting & enjoyed the awesome weather.

10/31- The perfect last day.

10/30 - Great run, more focused practice, started planning races for 2012 and yummy dinner.

10/29 - PT helped me laugh at myself, enjoyed a Chai Latte and got a "free" hug from a random stranger.

10/28 - Spent more time catching-up with Steve, and Cass. Finalized my last day.

10/27 - Caught up with Steve, caught up with M, received thoughtful text from E.

10/26 - I have Hummus and Challah in my possession.

10/25 - My volunteer team is 2 wks ahead of schedule, there r wonderful peeps in my life who care abt me & dinner will b frm VT.

10/24 - Enjoyed the nice weather.

10/23 - Productive meeting this morning, spent time at Lake Ellyn and got some time to knit.

10/22 - Slept-in, had a low-key day, got USARS card, met-up with Deb.

Part of the reason I started participating in this "whatwentwelltoday" trend has to do with the fact that there have been moments over the past weeks where so many people have been getting on my case about things that were completely out of my control and that I needed a way to focus what was good in my world - and this was it. Like with the "Three Good Things," I'm completely hooked on "whatwentwelltoday." I look forward to sitting down and pointing out the high points of my day .... and if there wasn't a high point, then I enjoy finding at least one good thing that "went well;" even if that thing is the fact that the day is over and it is time to rest.

It's been my goal this year to change my outlook on things. It's been my goal to recognize the good rather than the bad - especially when times get tough and it feels like all that is taking place in my life is just a clusterfuck of craptastic events. Over all, I feel I have, for the most part, accomplished this goal. I feel like little things like posting what went well during my days is just one more things I can do to support this goal to shift my perspective of the world around me.

I hope that I will continue to post on my Twitter feed what went well for sometime to come, however I'm not sure how long it will really be. If, and when, I do stop posting it to Twitter, I hope I don't stop keeping track of it personally. Aside from the fact that it helps me stay focused on the good and not the bad, it's also nice to have a record of my days.

As for today, "what went well" is as follows:

11/3 - Picked up my car and it drives beautifully, Strike class kicked my ass but I had a blast, I got a rare alignment of the heavens that I hope will continue for sometime.

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