Thursday, January 14, 2016

Was It Really That Unexpected?

The Thursday Blog Project topic is: An unexpected outcome.

Honestly, when we were first given this topic I had no clue what I would write about.  Even though I know there are so many things that I never expected in my life they don't come to mind... that is until now.  All the sudden I can think of two things, which are somewhat related, yet not.  The thing about these two things is that in some ways they aren't as "unexpected" as I would like to think.

The first unexpected outcome that has come to mind is how much I LOVE my job.  This is something I've never said to anyone, but I say it with more than 100% conviction.  In February I will be at my current job a year.  Not only do I have responsibilities that I vastly enjoy, I get to work for an organization that does so much good in the world.  It's an organization that I've supported for several years prior to working here.  Though I feel so strongly, in a positive way, towards my job when I was given the offer I wasn't sure if I was going to take it.  There were several factors that prevented me from feeling totally comfortable accepting my position when an offer was made.  I won't into those factors in details as they aren't important.  They did, however, prevent me from listening to my gut feeling that said it was the right place and job for me to be.  Also, I've never loved a job as I do this one.  For real.  It's hard for me to get use to feeling this way... especially since I've had a rocky road, in many ways over the past years - professionally being one of those way.  Don't get me wrong, things are perfect, but they do overall feel very right and bring a smile to my face.

The second unexpected outcome would be that I'm a member of a Modern Orthodox congregation.  If you know me and saw that one coming ... gold star for you!  I knew I was more religious then my family, but in a large part of me never thought I'd feel at home in such a religious atmosphere.  Furthermore, I didn't realize I'd ever be as observant as I'm turning out to be.  Again, I knew I wasn't not religious or observant, but when I think of the practices I  keep and the things I want to keep, eventually, I sometimes wonder who the hell I am.  I guess discovering who you are is part of growing and maturing.

The thing with "unexpected outcomes" is that it has led with a "never say never" attitude about life.  Though I'd like to think there are somethings I really would NEVER do because they are just wrong and not in my character, when it comes to things that involve perspective changes, etc. I try to keep an open mind that a day may in fact come when the unexpected actually becomes expected.

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