Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wordy Wednesday: Healthy Living

Back in August, for the Thursday blog project, I wrote about a plastic surgery. Though the focus was suppose to be on why I wouldn't have plastic surgery, I talked about the part of my body I don't like the most and other matters related to fitness and health. This was quite hard for me to put out into cyberspace because it an especially sensitive topic; however, as fate would have it, it ended up reaching someone who felt similar as I and helped them feel better about their struggles with this part of their life.

Though I don't give full credit to the positive changes that have taken in place in my life over the past year, the fact that I'm more active and exercise on a regular basis surely doesn't hurt things. I can totally tell the difference when I'm less active or not exercising regularly.

The thing I now struggle with the most when it comes to this area of my life is that I don't see changes in my appearance when I look in the mirror, nor do I feel them when I put on my clothes. I've never been large to the point that this individual was so maybe that is why -- the changes I experience aren't as dramatic.

All said and done, I think this is an inspiring video for anyone, of any size, who is looking to make a change in the area of health and fitness.

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