Friday, December 30, 2011

Take a (Te)Bow?

This week, I asked the ladies of the Thursday blog project to write about their thought regarding Timothy Tebowing and the new phenomenon of "Tebowing."

Before I get into my thoughts on this, here is some background information. Please note, this is the "cliff notes" I can provide, so if something is missing I apologize in advance:

In 2010, the Denver Broncos drafted Tim Tebow, a quarterback from the University of Florida. Tebow, a devout Christian, would wear biblical references such as "John 3:16" on his eye paint during college game. Recently, there has been a lot of talk in the news about Tebow and how he kneels and prays after a game success. "Tebowing" has become a widespread phenomenon to the point it has been accepted as a word in the English language.

When I first heard about Tebow, and "Tebowing" I was taken a back. I don't follow football religiously (no pun intended) like some. I'll watch the Bears game, but not other teams. Sadly, I can't say I've watched my Frogs play this season.

I actually heard about Tebow on a news program that featured him because of the new phenomenon Tebowing. Tebowing, as I understand it, is "To get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different." Ever since I've heard about it, I've been split on whether or not Tebow should be praying at his work - otherwise known as Denver Broncos games.

One side of me knows he, just like the rest of us, has the right to express his religious beliefs in public or private. However, the other side of me says this isn't right because he's not your average worker. His fame gives him more influence over those who watch him play. Although he does represent the religious belief of the majority of Americans, he does not represent all of them

Recently, I was watching a commentary about how nice it is to have someone like Tebow in the spotlight because he represents a fresh set of values and moral that aren't found amongst professional athletes. (Or something to that effect.) As I watched the commentary, I my mind went back to this past September when I, briefly, met at one of his appearances Gabe Carimi who is a offensive tackle for the Chicago Bears. Gabe, is also nicknamed "The Bear Jew." I began to wonder if the individual giving the commentary would be doing so if it were Carmini who was expressing his religious views on the field by davoning. Or, would the commentary be completely different? I also wondered what if a Muslim or Buddhist were expressing their religious views. What would be the result of that? I wonder about the fans who are Atheist and Agnostics, what do they think about all this?

The other thing that I think about is about the pop culture phenomenon Tebowing has become. Web sites where people can post pictures of them "Tebowing" have popped up. Other athletes have begun to kneel and pray after a good play. There is one video on YouTube that is captioned something like "So and so beat Tebow to Tebowing." I have to question whether or not that player was sincere in their express, or was it just for the sake of doing it? Is religion value and sincerity of religious expression being diminished as a result Tebowing?

I'm not siting here and say I believe X. I honestly don't have a solid opinion quite yet. (A first, I know!) A lot of my questions might make it seem I think Tebow should stop Tebowing -- I'm not saying that. I'm just doing what I do best, trying to think of this from all points of view.

What I will say is, I don't think Tim Tebow does what he does for the publicity. I believe he is sincere in his express. I just continue to wonder if it is the right place and time for that expression.

Now that I have given you my thoughts on Tebowing, please take a moment to read what my fellow bloggers have to say:

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  1. nicely put! sounds like we are coming from the same place at times.