Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Reaching for the Stars - and Beyond

I actually have a lot topics I want to write about. Things that can't be broken up in to bullet points. However, my mind is kind of all over the place tonight, so I'll save the other stuff for another time...

• For as long as I can remember, I've dreamed big. On occasion, I didn't realize I was dreaming big until others pointed out to me. Either way, my dreams have never been close to the ground. I've never seen a reason for them to be.

Every time I have a new idea I call it silly or crazy. It's not that I actually think it's silly or crazy, but it just feels that way because it appears to me to be so out of reach sometimes. I think the craziest part of all is when things really do fall into place and begin to happen. It is surreal.

• If it didn't go in the right direction, that is fine. If I've learned anything this year it's that there are so many more possibilities.

• There is never a bad time to randomly tell someone thank you.

• I have a Magic 8 Ball app on my phone. (Ok, it's really called Fortune Ball.) It's fun to play with it. It predicted that BFF's baby was going to be a girl. (Seriously, it did.) I don't live and die by the answers I get from the Magic 8 ball, but periodically it is right. Recently, I went on a question asking spree and wrote down all the answers to the questions I asked. Some of the answers I got I like; others, not so much. All this leads me to waiting and seeing how much the Magic 8 Ball, Fortune Ball.... whatever you want to call it... really knows.

• I really wish that some people would respect my position on certain matters rather than pushing me with the hope that I will change how I live my life all together.

• Mani/Pedi, yummy breakfast, possibly a movie and latkes for dinner... How do I fast forward this program to Saturday?

• Apparently the game Words with Friends does not like you to have more than 21 games going at any given time.

• I'm no longer counting the days until the LSAT. Now I'm counting the days until I go to my first Blackhawks game. Yay!!!

• One of the things I love about birthdays is that it bring people out of the woodwork. I heard from several people I know that I rarely talk too for whatever reason. It's been so nice catching up with everyone.

• The other day I saw the numbers "36" next to my name. I had to do a double take - I thought it was a typo, however it wasn't. Oh well, it is what it is... It was just odd.

• More races have been added to the 2012 race schedule - seriously, where is this addiction coming from?

• My goal is to get rid of the elephant before the year ends, however I'm not sure if that will be possible as there is so much I can do to move along this process.

• I can never look at a whistle the same way again.

• I started out the year still caring, and it looks like I will end the year the same way.

• Sleep is a good thing, I think it's time to get some.

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