Thursday, December 1, 2011

Soulmates with Sara?

Back in March when I purposed to Mel (Merryland Girl) that we resurrect the Thursday blog project group we struggled with the question of whom we should invite to join us for this chapter of project. The original group had disbanded in mid-2010 and we weren't really sure if the other two members of the group would be interested in giving it another go. After a bit of discussion, Mel and I agreed that I would invite someone one to join the group and she would invite someone to join the group. The person I invited to the group was Susanna (Mom of Many). Susanna is another good friend of mine and was familiar with what the group was about. Mel invited Sara (Momarock).

This week for the Thursday blog project I asked my fellow bloggers to pair up and write about what they have learned about their partner through the past several months. What were they surprised to learn through this individual's posts? What didn't surprise them? Also, I asked them to come up with a question that they've always wanted to ask that individual.

The pairs are as follows:

• Mel and Susanna

• Sara and Tracey

As I mentioned above, I am good friends with Mel and Susanna so we I was deciding whom should be paired with whom didn't think it was right for me to be paired with either one of them. Mel and Susanna have met before and conversed via electronic mean, but they still don't know each other as well as I know them respectively. Also, when I thought of this "topic" I already had in mind that I wanted to write about Sara.

Unlike Mel and Susanna, Sara and I had never met or communicated with one another prior to the first set of messages that went back and forth amongst the group. I was a bit nervous about letting her join because of bad experiences I've had in the past with people not meshing with me. (I'd love to say that I'm besties with everyone, but that isn't the case. There are people who in I don't particularly get along with.) It did help that she was friends with Mel, but still, you never know. Also, I was nervous because I wasn't sure what I had in common with her. See, I'm the only one in the group who isn't married and doesn't have children. I already knew what I had in common with Mel and Susana, but Sara was the unknown. With all my concerns out there, Mel assured me we'd get along and that we had a lot more in common that I could ever imagine.

I can't remember what post it was, but there was one post that Sara wrote that just made me jaw drop. Seriously, I tried closing my mouth while reading it, but my jaw kept dropping. See, what had written about was similar to an experience that I have had in my life. I remember just starting at the screen in disbelief. I immediately e-mailed Mel about it. "See, I told you you two had more stuff in common," Mel said. Of course I didn't e-mail Sara because that would make sense.

In the months that followed, I began to read Sara's blog on a regular basis. Through that I learned she loves to run, adores her family and is headstrong. I appreciate that she has a distinct point of view and isn't forthright with when sharing her stories. Actually, this is something I admire about her... not because I'm not honest in my write. I admire her candidness as this is something that is difficult for me to do sometimes.

All that said, I still keep coming back to the fact that we have so many similar experiences. When we wrote about the worst physical trauma or pain we had every experience I decided to write about an abusive relationship I was involved in and the effect it had on me. After reading that entry, Sara commented on it - her words moved me and once again made me realize I wasn't the only one.

Lastly, through this project I have learned what an excellent writer Sara is. (I highly recommend you follow her blog.)

Oh, and as for the question I would ask Sara... If you couldn't run (for whatever reason) then what activity would you participate in to keep fit and why?

Now that you have read my thoughts on the blog project's resident Momarock, Sara, please take a moment to read what my fellow bloggers have to say about their partners:

Merryland Girl (Melissa) - writing about Mom of Many Susanna

Momarock (Sara) - writing about little ol' me, Froggie a.k.a. Tracey

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  1. Glad you found so many connections. I knew when I read Sara's blog, that she'd be a great addition to our group. :)