Monday, December 26, 2011

It had Rhyme & Reason at One Point

• Another "Jewish" Christmas is has come to a close.

This year, there was a lot of talk about Chinese food. A lot of people I know went for Chinese food. I, however, did not. When I look back on the past couple of years, I realize I've this is one "tradition" I rarely participate in. To be exact, I've only done it once - in 2009. Other than that, I've basically been with family or someone elses' family. (To quote Susanna the Short, "Everyone should have to put up with someone's family on Christmas.")

This year was the year of deli food wise. Last week it came to my attention that in the past 365 days I had eaten a little too much Chinese. My gauge for this decision was based upon the number of good fortune cookie fortunes I had saved over the past years. (It was a very fruitful year for good fortune cookie fortunes.) After counting the number of fortunes I have retained as a result of this little thing I do, I added on all the times I got a "just ok fortune". All this leading to the decision that I can go without Chinese food for the next two weeks -- at least. So, instead of Chinese we had deli. Might I say, YUMMY!

• Yesterday, some of us from my knit group decided we would meet to knit. We were so happy to find a place that was open. (Thank you Starbucks!) It was a bit difficult to find a place to meet, but not as difficult as it was finding a place to meet with friends on Christmas Eve. I'm so thankful we not only found a place, but found somewhere that would allow us to linger. We gave our server a really good tip since this was the case.

• One of my favorite holiday past times is to drive around various neighborhoods at night and look at all the lights on the houses. I like looking at pretty lights. Even just looking at city lights from high up places is one of my favorite things to do. The view from the top if the Empire State Building is amazing! I have to admit, one of the many reasons I can't wait to go travel to France is so I can see Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower. (It's truly the little things that make me happy.)

• Two people. Two gallons of Garrett's Chicago Mix popcorn. One gallon consumed in two days. Neither person can look at Garrett's popcorn without having an adverse reaction -- and all this for a custom tin lid.

• Over the past couple of months I've talked about jars of worms and elephants in the room. Both of these were my way of talking about big things that were preoccupying my mind.

Last week I finally got rid of the jar of worms for good. I mean the worms are now back in their natural habitat, and the jar they were in has been smashed into such fine pieces that it is impossible to put it back together.


As for the elephant... I made it a lovely meal for its travel and then kicked it out of my space. I'm not sure what I'll do with all the room I suddenly have, but it's so nice to get it out of my way. I mean, the elephant is still on my mind, but not like it was before because I finally did something about it... this is a good thing!

• In case anyone was interested, there are 17 ways to spell Hanukkah. I figured 3, TOPS, but apparently there are 17... And I thought making sure spelling La Shanah Tova correctly was stressful!

• Thursday was the winter solstice. Friday Festivus. Saturday was Christmas Eve. Today is Boxing Day. All the while it has been Hanukkah. Tomorrow is night 8, and Wednesday the last day.

Whooo... I'm getting tired just thinking about all of this! (I might need a vacation from the past week.)

Thursday and Friday are HOLIDAY (EVENT) FREE. Not that holidays/events are necessarily bad. It's strange that there will be nothing to acknowledge/celebrate . . . at least until Saturday.

• I feel the need to acknowledge my good friends.

One of the best parts of my life are these individuals. They are such a big part of my life. Amongst many things, I love how much they make me laugh. This laughter helps me remember not to take life SO seriously that I forget to have fun and enjoy myself. Everyone should have people like this in their world.

Ok, ok, the sap-fest is over . . .

• It IS a blog post masquerading as an e-mail! (Totally an inside joke!)

Umm . . . I've lost focus. So, I'm thinking that means I've come to the end of this post. Ta! Ta!

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