Thursday, December 15, 2011

Metra Twins

Someone once told me I look like Jennifer Love Hewitt.
Hmmm . . . I was flattered that this person said that. It was the first time anyone had compared me to a celebrity. Since I typically have a difficult time accepting compliments I didn't say much about it.

This week, for the Thursday blog project Sara (Ms. Momarock) asked us if we ever get the following comment: "You look so much like ________________"? As I mentioned earlier, the Jennifer Love Hewitt comment is the only celebrity anyone has ever said I look like, however it's not the only time someone has told me I had a twin.

It's been awhile since she said anything about it, but there were many knitting group meeting in which BookGirl told me I had a twin that took the same Metra line train that I take when traveling downtown. The first time she told me this I was intrigued, and asked a ton of questions about this person. BookGirl had no answers for me. All she could say is that though she knew there was no way it was me every time she saw this person she thought it was me. At one point she did ask me if there was something I wasn't telling folks, but I assured her that it wasn't me. From that moment on, each week I would ask her if she saw my twin and when I was going to see a picture of this person. I was curious - who wouldn't be? Especially since I had heard so much about this individuals "interesting" work wardrobe. I never did get to see a picture of my twin. Oh well!

I didn't notice the similarities the first couple of times I saw him. Then one day on my way home from the city we introduced ourselves to each other. Our stop was coming up and we were waiting in line. We were bound to speak at some point. It seems reasonable considering we had crossed paths at various law school open house type events and had seen each other at the Metra depot on other occasions. However, it wasn't until he told me his name that it hit me like a brick who he reminded me of...

"OMG! BFF's husband has a twin!" I kept thinking to myself as we chatted about where we were in our exploration of law school.

Ok, so he's a complete replica looks wise of her husband, but pretty close. The part that freaked me out was his voice sounds the same as her husband, they both have the same first name AND work in the same industry. What are the odds??? I was tempted to say something to him about having a twin, but I decided not too. It wasn't prudent to the conversation we were having at the time. Also, I figured should we ever speak/cross paths again I didn't want to have the idea of them seeming to be identical twins stuck in my head and one surefire way to do that was to say something to him. Of course I immediately e-mailed BFF to tell her, and of course a picture was requested. HA! It was just like how I requested a picture of my Metra twin. I told BFF that I didn't know if and when I'd ever see him again so I wasn't sure about getting a picture. Also, it's a little hard to ask a stranger (for all intents and purposes) if they would let you take a picture without having to explain why you want it - especially if you're not planning on telling them they have a twin.

I wonder how many others have found the twin of someone they know on that Metra line. I would think these are two rare cases, but it's fun to consider. Now that I've talked about my experiences with celebrity, and not so celebrity, twins please take a moment to read what my fellow bloggers have to say about their "twin":

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