Sunday, March 10, 2013

Getting "Fired"-Up About Flu Shots

The last time I got a flu shot was in 2009.  I was working at a school at the time and figured it might be in my best interest to get it - just in case.  Plus, it was free to staff so why not?!

 For last week's Thursday Blog Project, Sara asked us to read this article about some nurses who got fired for refusing to take a flu shot.

My initial reaction to this is that this nurse should not have been fired for refusing to take a flu shot.  My sophomore/junior-ish year in college I worked part time at a pediatrician's office that was located in the professional offices of a hospital.  During flu season we were not required to get a flu shot.  No one in the physician's network was - even hospital staff.

Since Sara gave us this article to read I've been waiving back and forth on how I feel about what happened and how I would feel if I were in this nurses position. Honestly, this week my post isn't going to be very in-depth because of this back and forth. 

Given my professional background in HR and my interest in the law I should have an absolute opinion on this... but I don't.  Instead just when I "think" I've made up my mind, I change it. 

Instead, I'm going to encourage you to read the article, and what my fellow bloggers have to say about the topic:

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