Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Special Kind of Thank You for a Special Kind of Man

Last November I listened to the memoir, 365 Thank Yous by John Kralik during a car trip to West Lafayette, IN.  I found this book as part of a project I was doing on the power of gratitude.

The book had an impact on me and immediately after I finished it I bought a bunch of thank you note cards and went to town.  Since that time I've thanked friends and family for things I had never expressed before.  However, this whole time there is one person I have not been able to thank because there is no address for me to send his "thank you" to.

This week for the Thursday Blog Project, Melissa asked us to: Make your "Oscar" speech. Thank someone (can be as many people as you feel necessary) for something special that has happened in your life. 

I talk about my dad a lot.  Sometimes I feel like I need to apologize for how much I talk about him, but then I get over it and realize that I can pay talk about my dad all I want - this is my blog after all!

To My Dearest Irving (Dad),

I say this so often, I cannot believe you haven't been with us for over 23 years.  Living a week without you seemed impossible and now it just part of life as we know it.  Yes, I know that might sound as though I know longer miss you, but know that is the farthest thing from the truth.  I do, indeed, miss you.  However, I also understand that though you are no longer here physically, reminders of your time with us still remain.  It's this reason I write you...

From the deepest depths of my being thank you so much for being my dad and that I can be a reminder of your lifetime.  Many times over the years I have found myself wondering what parts of you I possess.  Of course there are the dimples that grace my cheeks each and every time I smile, but it took me a long time to figure out what parts of my personality are you, and what parts are mom.  This is what I've come up with thus far:

  • Thank you for the love of writing.  Mom keeps telling me what a wonderful writer you were and how it is obvious I got my talent for it from you.  
  • Thank you for your outgoing personality; if I didn't have this quality my painfully shy side would prevent me from meeting the wonderful people that I have. 
  • Thank you for helping to foster my creative side.  
  • Thank you for my ability to express my emotion... Yes, I am an emotional person - just like all the rest of the women on your side of the family.  Many times I wish this wasn't the case, however at the end of the day it isn't a bad thing.
 With that said, it's not only the qualities that you have given me that I thank you for, it's the memories too... 
  • Thank you for the green dress.  For years I had it with me even though it had been decades since it fit. Then, one day, it disappeared.  I wish I knew where it went, but I can tell you I will never forget it.  How could I??? "You made it for me", remember?! :)
  • Thank you for teaching me how to disappear, and then reappear.  Our magic shows were truly one of a kind and personally I think they ROCKED!
  • Thank you for exhibiting such a strong work ethic and instilling it in me.  Not to say mom didn't show me that too, but it was a 50/50 job.
  • Thank you for telling me that I could watch tv even though I was grounded.  
  • Thank you for constantly reminding me we "don't own the Edison Company".  It makes for a really good story.  There are a few people I know who've given me a hard time for the way I control the "zone lighting" in my home and I laugh every time I work the "zone lighting" because I know we still "don't own the Edison Company".
  • Thank you for letting me watch "M*A*S*H" with you.  
  • Thank you (I mean the "tooth fairy") for pulling the wrong bill that one time.  I'm not sure how much you the tooth fairy meant to give me for my three teeth that I had under my pillow that night, but $20 sure seemed like a fair amount to me. : P
  • Thank you for all the little things you did for me that are so little I can't remember them, but still meant a lot at the time.
  • Thank you for all the BIG things I don't remember... I am getting older, ya know!  Though I like to think my memory is still pretty good, I know there are things that slip it from time-to-time.
 Thank you, thank you, thank you for our nicknames.  I cannot remember how they came to be, but I DO remember the first time you used them.  I am very protective over them and DO NOT let anyone call me by mine.

Most of all, thank you for your love and parenting.  I know you probably never expected to have another baby to take care of at 56 years of age, let alone a teenager at the age of 70.  I knew you were tired, but I also knew how much you loved me, cared about my well-being and would do whatever you could to make sure mom, J and I were taken care of.  

Though I wish I had been around more the summer of '89, I am thankful for the time we did have together, and that we got to see each other before you moved on.

I hope you are proud of what I've accomplished thus far and can do you proud as I continue my journey in this thing we call life.  

I hope this thank you finds you, wherever you may be.  It is sent with endless love and an infinite amount of gratitude. 

With all my heart and soul... 

Shirley (Tracey)


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  1. This was absolutely beautiful Tracey. It made me teary eyed! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I loved this too. I hope your dad is reading it from Heaven and smiling. I love all the inside jokes you put in there that only he would get.