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Cari Kamm's "Internal" Thoughts, plus a giveaway!

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Up until recently I wasn't one to obsess over their appearance.  It was a bonus if my hair was perfectly done and make-up made it on my face.  Interestingly enough, it wasn't until recently when I underwent a significant transformation, losing 30 lbs., that I began to pay more attention to these things.

Though vanity does play a role in my weight loss and interest in looking more put together before I leave the house, it was the inward changes that took place during my weight loss journey that have played an even bigger role.

There is no denying Cari Kamm is a beautiful woman - just look at her picture.  However, after reading her interviews on various blogs, and the answers she gave to the questions below, there is also no denying she is a beautiful person on the inside too!  Cari worked over a decade in the beauty industry and currently works for a corporate social media company.  She is also the author of Fake Me Perfect and the recently released novel, For Internal Use Only.

I'm honored to have Cari agree to an interview and to be the first author to visit this blog.  Thank you!

Cari can be found at her website, Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks to Cari, and her publicist Amy Bromberg, I have TWO copies of For Internal Use Only to giveaway to lucky readers in the US and/or Canada (print or ebook).

How has your background in the beauty industry influenced your writing?
This is the first time someone has asked me this question . . . I eventually came to realize how living in New York City and working behind the scenes in the beauty industry shaped me as the woman I am today. I didn’t realize the influence it had on me until I began creating my first character for Fake Perfect Me. Working for a decade in this industry, I got to experience the fake and dark side of beauty and how empty it all was if there wasn’t self-worth attached to it. I write women’s fiction/chick lit because I love writing and reading stories of women, their issues and gaining that sense of empowerment. Yes . . . we can be intelligent, funny and have a shoe obsession even though we’re struggling. I love creating characters that are on this journey and it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a romantic one or about a man.

You have a new book out, For Internal Use Only. Out of all the characters in that book, which was the easiest for you to create and develop? Which was the hardest?
The easiest was Stephanie and Alexander Cudney: who met and married with fairy tale love. One of my biggest mentors met and married the love of her life 15 years ago. Over the years, her sharing their life together inspired me to create a couple like them for Chloe to observe.

The hardest was the mysterious International diplomat . . . Christoph Kostas. You’ll just have to read the novel to find out! I’m sure you will then understand. Ha!

Of all the characters you've created, which one is the most like you and why?
I would say the protagonist, Chloe Kassidy (For Internal Use Only) because she is a dreamer. She’s fighting for a passion. She’s a hopeless romantic, but cautious because she’s terrified of heartbreak. On some level, I feel that I’ve experienced a taste of this character. To be successful. To find balance. To find love. To live a life with passion.

What is your favorite food to snack on while you're writing?
Coffee. Coffee. Coffee.

If your life were being turned into a reality TV show, what would the premise of the show be?
Writing isn’t my job. It’s my passion. It’s a daily habit. My biggest obstacle is to remember that while I’m creating a life at my keys, I need to still have one that exists beyond my computer screen. I get so caught up in these characters’ lives, I tend to become be very anti-social. This is difficult when I live in New York City and my friends are extremely social! I’m running out of excuses on how to get out of dinners, events, openings, parties... Perhaps, it would be titled... Her secret life in sweats.

Tell us about the first concert you ever went to:
I was ten years old and my mother took my best friend and I to see Whitney Houston. I can still recall her on stage singing I Want to Dance with Somebody!

My favorite way to relax is:
Turning off my phone and computer. Slipping into cozy P.J.’s, grabbing my dog Schmutz, and sinking into the couch with either a great book or endless hours of T.V. It’s not the most glamorous thing, but it feels like heaven!

Of all my hobbies, my favorite one is:
Growing up in a small town, I wasn’t exposed to a wide range of delectable bites or cuisines. When I moved to New York City, in my early twenties, the foodie within me was unleashed. Honestly, I never knew it existed.

Whether it’s booking a reservation in the latest hot spot or participating in a food walking tour in an afternoon, my favorite hobby is eating! The recipes. The architecture of the food presented on the plate. The quality of ingredients. I adore the entire process and how it transforms me in that moment. Seriously... I take pictures of my food. Ha!

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