Thursday, March 21, 2013

Once A Parent, Always A Parent!

It's Thursday Blog Project time!  Yay!

This week, Susanna asked us to write about the following topic:  As teens or young adults we all did something our parents would not have been real happy about. What did you do? Did you ever tell your parents about it?

I laughed and smiled when I saw this topic.  Hmmm... Where shall I start?  After pondering this question for awhile I decided on something that happened not too long after I moved back to the Chicagoland area.

It was around late October/early November when I traveled from my suburban oasis to the "big bad city" to meet up with a coworker to explore venues for a company holiday party.  It was a Friday evening and we were to explore two potential places to hold the shindig. Since I knew we'd be in some congested areas and parking would be rare to find, I took the El from my quite suburb area into the city.  Not thinking to check when the various lines run at any given time of the day I hopped on the  purple line and then transferred to the red line.

After doing are due diligence we decided hangout longer and went to check out some other places around the area.  Before we knew it hunger overcame us and we sought out food.  Given the time of the evening it was, we decided a breakfast place was the ticket and my new friend coworker new the perfect diner to satisfy our appetites.

Two eggs scrambled, hash browns, white toast and grape jelly.  That's what I had (which is STILL my favorite simple breakfast until this day!).  Afterwards, I got a ride the closest El station and headed home.

At this particular El station stop, there were two other girls waiting for the train as well.  Since it was in the early hours of the morning the frequency of trains was less than I was use to and we had a bit of a wait.  That's when this guy came up to the two girls waiting and started harassing the two girls.  What exactly was said to them escapes me, but he wasn't leaving them alone.  Thankfully, they weren't taking this guy's shit and got him to leave them alone.  Next thing I knew they came over to me and told me they were going to stand with me so the guy didn't bother me either.  (LOVE THESE CHICKS!)  For the remainder of their time on the train I hung out with the two girls.  Safety in numbers!

When the train finally arrived at the last stop the red line made I got off and began to wait for the purple line to arrive.  However, after a few minutes I began to question when it would arrive.  That's when I FINALLY looked at a a schedule.

OMG!!! Was the first thing I thought.  The next purple line train didn't arrive until two/three hours later and this was not a great neighborhood I was in.  At the same time I was having this awakening, so was another individual.  Immediately we both booked it down the platform and sought out a cab.  As fate would have it, there were two cabs.   At the end of the day, I did get home safely.

So how does this tie in with today's topic?  Well, a few years ago I was at lunch with my mom and a few of our coworkers.  I'm not sure why, but I told everyone the above story.  A story my mom had never heard before.  She wasn't happy.  I heard all about "what could have happened" for awhile and how I really should have been more careful.  Once my mom finished speaking her peace I simply replied, I'm obviously ok, right?!   Also, I was 26 when this all took place, it's not like I was a kid who didn't know how to take care of herself. 

Yeah... That didn't sit well with my mom.  Not well at all.  She never really brought it up again, but I know she didn't like hearing that story (which is why I never told her in the first place).  Since then, my mom and I have our moments where she gets uber sensitive about me being out late.  Though it bothers me, I can imagine once you are a parent, you are always a parent no matter how old your child is.

Now that I've talked about a time my mom found out I didn't something she wasn't very happy about, please take a moment to read what my fellow bloggers have done that wouldn't sit well with their parents:


  1. I remember you texting me that night. :) Your mom's reaction reminds me of how my grandpa reacted after I told him I went to Israel. You would have thought he was putting on a show in the middle of Yen Yen with all his carrying on. I was almost 26, as well!

    1. Yep, I remember texting you! That was the moment it really hit me that the el didn't run on MY schedule. :)

  2. Isn't it interesting how much our parents worry? I just never understood it until I became a grown up. Great post!