Monday, March 5, 2012

Gender Neutral

I've tried writing this Thursday blog project post a few times, but without much luck. I wasn't going to even write anything because of this fact, however I changed my mind today. To not do so because I didn't have much to say the about the topic Sara (Momarock) picked. The topic was to read this article about some parents who decided not to reveal their child's gender until recently because they didn't want the stigma of being a gender to effect their child.

Here are my few thoughts on the article:

• My first thought is that it is bizarre what they were doing.

• Whether or not these parents dress their child in clothes for both genders or let them play with boy and girls toys, this child will develop the interests they were meant to have; it's just a matter or time. I'm a firm believer you can't force anyone to be something they are not.

• Additionally, I suspect the fact that they were trying to make this child "gender neutral" has, or will have, its own effects on the child just as defining their gender would have.

• Also, I think hiding this child's gender will just draw more attention to them because people will always be guessing what gender they are -- does anyone remember "Pat" from Saturday Night Live?

Personally I wouldn't want people always questioning me what gender my child is, and as much as someone would like to think people would respect them enough not to ask, reality is people will ask. There are strangers out there that aren't shy about asking these types of things.

• What is so horrible with letting a boy be a boy; or letting a girl be a girl?

These are some of my thought on this article. Please take a moment to read what my other bloggers have to say:

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PS... My apologies to my group members.


  1. I really appreciate you writing this- I agree with this 100%! You had some really good points in here that I never even considered, like this one: what's the point? What's so wrong with letting a girl be a girl, and a boy be a boy? Well said!