Thursday, March 29, 2012

Will books soon be extinct like the Dinosaurs?

This week for the Thursday blog group, Sara asked us to talk about the following: Books, magazines, paper publications are all available for our perusal now online through the Internet, E-readers, etc. This poses a huge threat for our libraries and book stores. Where do you feel these technological advancements are headed? Will hard copies be a thing of the past? What are your feelings about our print future?

The timing of this topic is timely for me as I've become greatly involved with a Chick Literature blog earlier this year. At first my involvement was simple -- I did behind the scenes social media work for them. Then, I wrote two author tribute posts for them in January and February (respectively). Since then, my involvement has grown and I'm now in the process of writing my first book review for them. Normally my preference is to obtain a MP3 copy of the audiobook as it accommodates my reading comprehension disability, however since I am receiving advance reading copies of some of these books I don't have a choice as to he format I get them -- actual book vs. MP3 vs. e-book.

As much as I appreciate my MP3 audiobooks, I really do enjoy holding physical copies of books, magazines, newspapers. (Maybe it has to do with the way I was brought up... I mean back in the "dark ages" -- otherwise known as when I was a kid -- there were no e-readers or MP3 players.) There were books on tape, but I think it's a safe guess to say that form of books wasn't the main way people read books.

Another reason I like books has to do with my love of attending book signings. This infatuation started almost four years ago when I attended one for Emily Giffin. I'll even admit to buying the hard cover book of a novel I already had on MP3 just so I could have an autographed copy for posterity sake. If I had to articulate why I like having an autographed copy of a book I'd have to say it's because it like a souvenir of that event. Getting to learn more about them, their writing process, etc. makes for a great evening. And then, afterwards you get to speak with them, even though it's brief is really awesome! (Yes, I am a special kind of groupie.) What would authors sign if technology took the place of book? I can't imagine an electronic signature would means as much.

In all fairness, recently I've been in the process of deciding the configuration of the tablet I'm going to purchase of my e-reading needs. (Yes, I do have e-books. Not many, but I do have them.) In addition to reading e-books, I also plan to use my tablet for knitting patterns. I rarely ever print out patterns because I try to be green whenever I can, however schlepping around my laptop is a drag too. In this regard, I see an e-reader as useful tool.

Only time will tell if electronic means of communications will make books, magazine and newspapers extinct. I hope it doesn't, but something tells me I'm in the midst of denial because at the end of the day it's not about why I love the printed word on paper, it's about something that has become a part of our lives -- and is here stay.

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