Thursday, March 8, 2012

These People Changed My Life

This week, Melissa asked the ladies of the Thursday Blog Group to discuss: What is something you did that changed someone else's life?

In the true spirit of who I am, rather than focus on what I've done for others I'm taking a creative license on this post and writing about what others have done for me . . .

(Please note: I hate singling people out, but right now I feel the need to thank these two specific individuals.)


If there was ever an event that made me believe something good could in fact come from something bad, it's my chance meeting and connection to S.

The first time I ever met S, it came out rather quickly that we were connected through a past life of mine; however, that was just one of many catalysts that helped us meet, not the foundation that supports our friendship now.

I honestly wouldn't know where to begin when it comes to thanking S for all she has done for me. (Seriously!) So, I will point out that she helped make my current place of residence "HOME"(!)

When I first moved to the place I live now, I struggled with feeling at home. It was a place I was pretty familiar with, but it wasn't as comfortable as I would have liked it to be. Before S, the person I would have had to called about an emergency lived a good 30 miles away from me . . . yeah, that really wouldn't have helped when my toe wouldn't stop bleeding and I needed to go to the emergency room. (Honestly, I would have driven myself had the toe I cut not been on the foot I use to drive!)

In the big picture, helping to make where I live home may seem minute; however, at the time it was HUGE for me because I was at a point where I was second guessing where I had chosen to live and contemplating where I was going to go next -- if I were to move. Now, when I think about moving to a different area I get sad because I know I won't be as close to S, and fam. I realize there are tons of way we can communicate, but it surely doesn't replace that part of "home" as far as I'm concerned.


Around this time last year, I would have never thought I would be listing PT as someone I wanted to thank for changing my life. Simply put, PT did something that hurt my feelings and upset me and around this time last year, I was just getting over being pissed about the whole situation.

Now when I look back on all that happened, I think in some way he partially did what he did because he knew at the time (more than I did) what I needed, and he cared enough about me to do what needed to be done. (I mean I realize there were other things involved, but I think this was one of the things that factored into what happened.)

Whatever the driving force of his decision was, had he not acted in the way he did, when he did, I don't know if I would have ever put together project "life map". Seriously... I put it together about a week after everything happened which I don't believe to be a coincidence. This "silly" (that's what I use to call it when I first started telling others about my "plans") project ended up not being so silly after all. Actually, it ended up making a HUGE impact in my life which eventually led me back to the person I always knew I was, but didn't feel like inside at the time.

I'll never really know if I would have taken this approach to what was going on in my life had PT not done what he did, however knowing what I know about that time in my life I highly doubt I would have.

In both these case, I would have never anticipated these people to have had such a significant impact on my life in the ways they did. When I first met each of them, I felt as though they would be good friends, but over time I have come to really recognize the important role they have played in my life.

I hold both of them in such high regards which is why it pleases me that both S and PT are still a part of my life. With some luck, this will continue to be as long as I'm alive.

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  1. I like that you change things up to suit you. :) Very nice post!