Friday, March 23, 2012

52 Weeks Later

This week's Thursday blog group post is a BIG DEAL to me.

Back in 2010, Melissa and I, along with two others started a Thursday blog post project. It went for several months, but eventually died out. Then, in early 2011 I began to talk to Melissa about resurrecting it. We both agree it would be fun, but knew the original members wouldn't be joining us this time around. So, we began to discuss who would could manipulate... persuade... invite to join us this time around. I had suggested two friends, S and other individual. While I had no doubt S was totally on board with doing this, I had concerns about my other friend even though they said they wanted to do it. As fate would have it, when it was time to get our act together and "pull the trigger" my other friend did in fact flake. That's when Melissa invited Sara to join the group. (I'm glad things worked out this way because I wouldn't have otherwise gotten to know Sara.)

That was a year ago. So, in honor of this being the group's 1st birthday, I asked everyone to: Either rewrite a post from the past year that you weren't 100% happy with and wish you had a second chance at OR Write about your thought on the past year of this project.

It's hard for me to believe that it has been a year since the resurrection of the project took place. When we made it past the six month mark I was THRILLED because it meant that we had been able to maintain the project longer than the first time around.

Overall, I haven't been closely tracking how long we've been doing this project which I like. It's just something that makes up my a component of life, and I like that that is the case. Even if I don't blog during the week, I know I'll at least post something for this blog group. I also look forward to Thursdays because I enjoy seeing what everyone has to say about the topic for that week.

Another thing I've enjoyed is getting to know everyone through their posts. Like I mentioned above, I didn't know Sara before this project, however I did know Melissa and Susanna. Despite that fact, I still feel like I learn new things about them each week. (This is kind of surprising especially when it comes to Melissa since we've known each other FOREVER!) I feel we're a tight-knit group despite our geographic locations.

The topics have challenged me on many different levels. There have been some topics that have touched sensitive matters in my life and I've had to challenge myself to post about them even if I wasn't thrilled about it. The topics have forced me to be honest with myself about various things in my life which has helped me grow in so many ways I can't even begin to list them. There have been topics that have got me thinking about things going on in the world that I would not have known about otherwise. There have even been topics I've proposed that I later to go write about and think, "What the hell was I thinking?"

Lastly, this milestone is BIG for me because it's cool to see something go from "just an idea" to something real. Also, soon, I'll be taking this idea to another blog I'm associated with and seeing if it can be tweaked to fit that platform.

I look forward to the next year of this project. I hope it doesn't burn out before then! With life being ever changing and the world around us changing as well, I can't see us running out of things to write about.

A HUGE thank you to Melissa, Sara and Susanna for making this project a HUGE success.


Merryland Girl (Melissa)

Momarock (Sara)

Mom of Many (Susanna)

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  1. Thanks for getting the ball rolling. I can't believe it's been a whole year. We've had so much to post about!