Friday, January 27, 2012


It's my belief, that for some people their strengths are also their weaknesses. She is one of those people.

Strong as a rock, Ruthie has a tendency to not let people in too quickly. Why would she want too? She's been burned so many time, and badly too, it's surprising that things effect her to begin with; however, she is just a mere moral.

To her advantage, this wall she's built-up isn't obvious. She's warm, engaging and friendly when you first meet her. That is, when it comes to details about you. When it's her turn she can be vague, standoffish and not very forthcoming. Don't get me wrong, she's not a bitch about providing you with personal information, she just does so cautiously. As far as she's concerned, personal information about her is earned, like any valuable commodity.

Ruthie's interest cast a wide net. One moment she is walking around an art museum discussing with her friends color usage and the mood a particular painting give off. The next moment, flying through the sky (literally) learning to sky dive or zip-lining (she hasn't done this yet, but she REALLY wants too!). Even though this is the case, people still seem to be shocked by some of the things she comes up with to try. She is without a doubt a "Dare Devil."

Despite the insistence of many, she doesn't feel the need to pigeonhole herself in any area of her life. This is becoming a bit of problem for her often because no matter what career path she seems to want to take, those around her insist she focus on one area of that field. She can't seem to wrap her mind around why this has to be and continues to put up a fight against making this reality... it must be her tenacious nature at work.

At the end of the day, her friends and family are matter most to her. She'd move mountains for them if it meant ensuring their happiness. In return, they provide her with laughter, amongst other things, which she has come to discover is a key element in her life. They also remind her that people are kind regardless of the many "special" people she might encounter on any given day.

Her adventures are vast, and her strong, electric personality just makes them that much more unique and enjoyable. That is also one of the reasons readers look forward to reading about them.


For the Thursday blog project, I proposed the following topic: You've been asked to create a character based upon you for a fiction book. Please tell about your character.

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  1. i like the name you gave her and how you went about describing her personality. this was a fun topic! thanks for choosing it!