Monday, January 16, 2012

The Letter

I've received many letters in my lifetime, but most of them I can't remember everything about the exact moment I read them -- except for one.

I was in my kitchen. I was standing in front of my little, flimsy cart that held various kitchen utensils. I stared at the envelop for at least a couple of minutes. And I can still remember who was with me waiting for me to share the content.

Of all the letters I've read in my life, what this letter had to say was probably the hardest for me to read. I had stopped talking to someone close to me without so much as a reason why and they weren't about to let me go without speaking their peace.

I don't recall EVERYTHING the letter said, and it's one of the few letters I didn't keep amongst my otherwise treasured collection of letters. I only remember one part of what it said. "If we are meant to be in each others lives, we will be brought back together again someday."

Ok, that is a paraphrase. I like I said, I don't have the letter in my possession anymore. I have to admit I rolled my eyes when I read that. At the time I couldn't even imagine that I'd feel differently about having this person in my life again. However, as the months passed, I continued to care about this person and asked our common friends how they were. I still took an interest in their well-being. As I would find out later, they did the same.

Four years after that, something big happened in my life. As I made my way through the beginning stages of this part of my life, I was surprised to find the person I had cut out of my life was there to help me. We had started to talk again (more like acquaintance talk, but nonetheless the lines of communication had been opened) and I wanted them to know what was going on. As the days, weeks and months passed, me and this individual began to rebuild the bond that had been broken all those years before.

I am once again very close with this person. I am thankful for this. From time-to-time I think of that letter and my foolish reaction to dismiss it. My foolish belief that there was nothing that could bring us back together -- not even a higher power.

I bring this up because of something a friend of mine is going through. Their best friend told them this weekend they could not be friends with them anymore. I know the reason why, but I won't disclose it on this blog (just like I am not disclosing the particulars surrounding my own story). I will say that when I was speaking with my friend earlier this evening I did share with them my experience. I wanted them to know that they weren't alone. I wanted them to know that things like this happen all the time. More importantly, I wanted them to know, that their best friend could possibly come back to them one day and that not all hope was lost.

I wish I could do things differently than I did. I wish I could shake some sense into the younger me who dismissed that letter.... but I cannot. I do, however, take comfort knowing that in this particular situation my friend recognizes what this best friend is going through and only wishes that they find their way to the happiness they seek -- whether it is with or without them. I also take comfort in knowing that my experience can be a lesson to my friend now in their need.

Tonight I say a prayer for my friend and their best friend. It's my hope that they do in fact find their way back to one another, but if they don't it is my hope that they are able to grieve as they need to and can move on with their separate lives in peace.

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