Friday, January 20, 2012

I gave it up for Lent

In March, it will be one year since I gave up chocolate. I often joke I gave it up for Lent because I made the decision to not eat chocolate for 30 days on Ash Wednesday, however Lent was not my underlying motivation for the decision. Back in April I wrote about my experience giving up this delightful treat. The post title said it all: It Was Easier To Give Up Smoking. (Who would have thought, ah?!)

I bring this up because this week Susanna, our Mom of Many, asked us to: Write about one of our biggest pet peeves.

I've heard on many occasions it takes 21 days to form a habit. If this is the case than I should find it such a shock that after 30 days of not eating chocolate I had no desire start again. I had formed a new habit. Now I'm sure you're wondering what the heck any of this has to do with pet peeves. It has been 317 days since I've had chocolate and even though that is the case there are those that still can't believe I haven't had any chocolate for that long. Mostly, it's people who don't know me, however there are those in my circle of friends who still question me on this. Like the text I got awhile back from a friend. It came up during a text conversation and I received the questions, "Are you still doing that? Is this for the rest of your life?" I didn't know how to answer.

Now, this isn't my biggest pet peeve, but it is a pet peeve. I'm not sure why people react to me as if giving up chocolate means I'm not really human or that what I really told them was I gave up a necessary function to sustain life - like breathing.

To be honest, I'm glad I gave it up. As a result it's helped me curtail my intake of sweets all together. See, at first I replaced chocolate with other sugary treats. At first it was jelly beans, then sour patch kids, etc. Then overtime I got sick of those. I learned how to moderate my intake of sugary treats and to be quite frank, it caused me to start even more fruit for a snack than I was already doing.

After I explain my reasons for cutting chocolate out of my diet and the effect it has had on my eating habits altogether then most get it. However, some don't and continue to give me a hard time about my decision. Some have even gone as far to make inappropriate jokes about my decision. In the end, I just smile and move on from the situation. I just wish it was a non-issue to begin with.

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  1. i so wish i had your willpower! bravo!!!

  2. You'll find too that with all the running you do, the urge for sweets seems to lessen. I think our bodies will crave foods that are healthy and good for us. What I sometimes say when people tell me, "you don't drink soda?!?" I say, "I'm in training." It makes me sound like a bad ass. ;) Keep up your willpower!!!