Thursday, January 5, 2012

I Would Like To . . .

For this week's Thursday blog, Sara asked us to give are thoughts on the following: Given that next Thursday will be into the new year, I'd like to hear about everyone's new year's resolutions for 2012, as well as highlights they'd like to bring up from 2011.

First and foremost, I'm not going to recap 2011. It was a very good year for me and there was a lot to recap; however, I've done several recaps of the year. This post being the most recent.

As for resolutions... I don't believe in resolutions. I don't like the label "resolution." Maybe part of it has to do with the fact that I always have a list of things I'd like to do -- running races is an example. Last New Year's I didn't resolve to run a race by the end of the year. It was actually something I decided I wanted to finally do sometime around April/May. In August of last year I decided to stop drinking coffee. Or, there was the ever famous decision to stop eating chocolate last March. I guess what I'm getting at is any "resolve" I may have usually comes about arbitrarily and not because it's the beginning of the year. That said, I understand why people make resolutions. It's only natural as a new year is beginning.

There are a few things I've committed to doing this coming year, such as a writing a tribute post for a Chick Lit blog. I got asked to do this over a year ago and I kept putting it off last year. Since it's been a goal of mine for sometime to expand where my writings are featured, I committed to writing the post in 2012. (It also doesn't hurt that the author is releasing another book this year so the tribute will coincide with the book launch.) I'd like to post more to my blog. I enjoyed the post a day challenge I took back in November, but since I seem to have fallen back into my old pattern of blogging at least once, but no more than twice a week.

On a related note, I'd like to read more. I didn't read for pleasure this year until the last two weeks of last month when I finally put life on pause for awhile.

I'd like to see if I can complete a combination of 12 races or events like Warrior Dash this year. There are countless races planned which include a 31 flight stair climb. I really would love to participate in Warrior Dash, but the calendar doesn't seem to be cooperating with schedules. I'd also like to decrease my time. I feel it's a safe assumption that this will happen if I continue to run races. It seems to go hand-in-hand.

I'd like to do this coming year is knit more. I at least finished three items this year, but I can't say more than 10 (and that is being optimistic). I joined a sock club again this year. Unlike my last attempt at a sock club, I'd like to knit at least half of the kits this year.

The last thing I'd like to do this coming year is give myself more relaxation time. I fully expect that I will be going with all engines working this year, but it's a top priority of mine to find a sufficient amount of "me" time. I didn't do this enough this past year.

Now that I've shared what I would like to do in 2012, please take a moment to read what my fellow bloggers resolve to do in 2012:

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