Thursday, August 8, 2013

There is a Reason Things Happen the Way They Do: 1982

The timing of this week's Thursday Blog Project topic couldn't have been more perfect in terms of things going on in my life.  This week, Melissa gave the blogging group the topic of:  The 80s

I've made a lot of new friends since my move in June.  As it turns out, one of the most recent new friends went to kindergarten with me.  Yes, you read that correctly, kindergarten!

As you might imagine, when this individual proposed the idea that we went to kindergarten together I was all, "Nah!  Can't be.  I mean, what are the odds?"

Their reasoning for this conclusion was simple.  For all intents and purposes we are a year apart in age.  During one of our first conversations I mentioned that I went to a Jewish, private day school for kindergarten and 1st grade.  In this same conversation I mentioned that I was held back from starting kindergarten because of when I was born and as a result I've always been one of the oldest, if not the oldest, kid in my class.  Next thing I know my new friend looked at me and said, "We were in the same kindergarten class."  They explained to me that if we were a year apart in age, that I was held back from starting kindergarten and that we both attended this school for kindergarten there was no doubt in their mind that we were in fact in the same kindergarten class together.

This is where my skeptical side kicked in.  Like I said above, what are the odds???  That's when I asked for "evidence" that we went to school together.  I wasn't buying this one without proof.  This demand for evidence went on for about a week.

Then, the other night while I was digging through boxes looking for some paperwork I came upon a yearbook from this particular school.  The year this yearbook was from was1982.  (Note: I went to this school for two years and my youngest brother went there for something like three/four years, yet the only yearbook we have between the two of us is from the year I went to kindergarten.  Additionally, the copy of the yearbook I speak of was my brother's, not mine...and I just happened to have it.)  So, I looked to see if I was in it.  I was.  There I was with the same smile I've had my whole life and super long hair.  Then I scanned the list of names looking to see who was also in my class that year....can you guess whose picture I found?

Let's just say I ate crow with grace - at least for the most part.

I'm still amazed by this.  It's been 31 years since then and out of the most random set of events possible it turns out I befriend (again) someone who was in my kindergarten class.  Maybe this is likely to happen in a small town, but in a metropolitan area like Chicago what are the odds???

From day one, I've told people that I've felt so comfortable around this person; as if I've known them my whole life.  I guess in a way I have.

I have to admit, some of my closest and most meaningful friendships have started out like this.  Under circumstances that you can't refute that we were just destine to meet.  (My BFF being one of those friendships.)  Though I don't know what will be of this friendship, it's a neat story to share and kind of reaffirms that there is a reason things happen the way they do . . . .

On a completely unrelated note, it wouldn't be a "80's" post without me sharing a video of one of my favorite 80's songs.  This one is from 1982... even though I really had no clue what it was about, I did like the beat!

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  1. I love the small world coincidence stories. Too bad you didn't have this one available when I had given that topic a while back. :)
    "Don't You Want Me" is a good song. When I hear it now, I think of John C. Reilly and Marisa Tomei singing it in "Cyrus."

  2. How exciting! Isn't it funny how things turn out?