Thursday, May 9, 2013

"Sassy" is what they called Hipster Chicks in the late 80's/early 90's

For generations and generations young girls in their early to late teens have been reading magazine like Tiger Beat, Seventeen and YM (which folded in 2004 after the editor and chief made the decision in 2002 that they would no longer run articles about dieting.)

Like these many young girls, I too read these magazines.  That is until 1988 when the magazine Sassy came to town.  Seriously, I can still remember when I saw this magazine.  It was like no other magazine I had seen before... and that was just the cover.  The model on the front of it didn't make me feel like she jumped out of a per-packaged bubblegum pop video.  This chick was edgy and had a unique style I had never seen before.

When I open up the magazine I didn't find the vapid prose telling me how to lose weight and find the man of my dreams.  Instead, the articles were smart and thought provoking.  Some of them were even written by those close to my age group.

Edgy.  Seriously!  How many other magazine in the 80's and 90's would have put a picture of a celebrity wearing an American flag on its cover??? This is just an example of the types of things that were found between the covers of this magazine.

Visually Stimulating. Sassy was the first magazine that really made me aware of how much of a visual person I was.  It was the publication that taught me how much I loved graphic design.  Sometime I would spend hours in my room studying the layout of the magazine.  Then when I was a senior in high school and an editor on the high school yearbook staff in charge of layouts I would refer back to past issues of the magazines seeking inspiration that would make our book unique, funky and cool.  Something that was "me" and would leave my mark on for those in the future to look at and potentially emulate. 

Made me feel like a person with a brain and not just a chick wanting to get rid of her zits.  This goes back to my comment about how the articles in this magazine focused on things that were important.  They looked at stories from angles that no other teen magazine did.  The spoke a language I under stood.  I mean, come on... "We suck up to a B-52".  Yes, not cutting edge journalism, but I love how they just tell it like it is and not sugar coat the article plug.  When I did a internet search of the mag online this blog post came up.  Simply put, the bloggers says, "Born in the 70s, frolicked in the 80s, came of age in the 90s.
Sassy Magazine helped me not become a twat." (Search for "twat" should you wish to.)  Long story short, Sassy made the girls of its generation strong women with brains.

Fashion.  Music.  Two loves of mine.

Growing up with parents who worked in the the apparel industry I was very in touch with what was "in" and "out".  I heard about it so much I basically rejected it.  However, that didn't mean I was drawn to fashion, especially when it was offbeat and different.  Actually, I'm sorta of surprised it took me as long as it did to finally embrace fashion and seek-out special pieces for my own wardrobe.

As for music... I have never been much into the indie scene, but it doesn't mean I've never listened.  Featuring such bands was an objective of the magazine and it did it well.

I say Sassy is what they called Chick Hipsters in the late 80's/early 90's because this magazine had a vibe that is similar to the vibe I get when I see a hipster.  Ok, so they really called in "grunge"... you say potato I say pi-ta-toe. 

Whatever the case, this magazine surely left a lasting impression on me, and many young girls of my generation.  For me it was a sad day when I found out they folded.  However, I will always have the fond memories of reading this magazine for years to come.  Sassy showed me not only the type of woman I wanted to be when I grew up, but also was an example of the type of journalist I aspired to become.

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  1. I love this!!! Great post! And, I was also a huge Sassy reader, having a subscription and everything. It was an awesome magazine!

  2. I loved Sassy and what you wrote about it totally explains why. It was such a great magazine! Too bad it folded.