Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sometimes the Universe Sends Me a Reminder...

Though I know better, I often live in a bubble of my own making. I go about my days, doing my thing not thinking much about the possibilities that can happen as a result.

Ever since I started writing book reviews and conducting author interviews for Chick Lit Central I have taken the approach that it was for my enjoyment - nothing more, nothing less.  Though the rational part of my brain realizes people actually read what I put out there, the part of me that is wrapped away in my bubble doesn't think much of it.

However, periodically, I will receive a comment on what I've written or something like this will randomly pop-up: The Daily Carly. What is it you're looking for you ask? Check out the headline that reads, "Chick Lit Central: The Blog!: Jen Lancaster claims her chick lit turf... plus a giveaway!"

And whose interview was it you ask? Before I answer that question I'll give you chance to guess...

Give up? Yep, it was yours truly.

We found out that this particular interview was picked up by Carly Phillips by an individual who read the interview, e-mailed us to let us that they liked it and how they found the blog, and also told us they were going to continue following CLC because they liked the interview so much.

First and foremost, I'm always flattered when someone praises what I've written. (Seriously, even though I've been writing for CLC about a year now, and I've received my fair share of positive comments, every time I receive a compliment it still feels like the first one I've ever received. Remember, I'm just over here in my bubble doing my thing.) However, this interview was a BIG deal and I felt very fortunate to have gotten the chance to run it from start to finish to begin with. Furthermore, I am flattered that Carly picked MY interview of all the interviews that posted yesterday about Jen Lancaster... and trust me, there were plenty of them to choose from.

So tonight, I send a heartfelt "Thank you" out to Carly for selecting my interview for her blog. Also, a heartfelt "Thank you" to Penguin Group for sharing the post and to all those who enjoy reading my CLC reviews and interviews.  It is truly my pleasure and privilege to be able to share my thoughts and words with you.

Also, a "Thank you" to the universe for sending this my way... it's nice to have the reminder every once in awhile that there is life outside my little bubble.


  1. That's awesome. You just never know:). Congratulations!

  2. You should tweet this to Carly so she knows you're thanking her. Nice post! You always ask authors interesting and thought-provoking questions and I hope I can break free of my question rut and do the same from time to time!

  3. That's SO cool, Tracey! You rock!