Thursday, January 10, 2013

Changing It Up A Bit

This week for the Thursday Blog Project group, Sara presented us a challenge:  Do something you've never done before. Something new and/or different. Tell us about your experience. 

Originally when she gave us this challenge, I figured my "something new" would be having a glass of champagne while I got a pedicure.  Though I had planned on doing this LONG before this assignment came up, it was in fact something I had never done before.  However, I decided to do something different instead.

For over a year I've worked in an environment where I can wear jean to work.  No formal or business casual attire required for this gal.  This fact has caused me to slack a bit in my appearance.  Sure, I dressed nicely when were interviewing candidates, but aside from that I've kept it pretty casual.  So to mix things up, the other day I wore a nice top and skirt.  Oh, I even put on a pair of heels too!

It was interesting to see the reaction of others.  I noticed I got looks from people who see me on a daily basis in jeans.  I could even tell the folks at the train station were wondering what was up.  In the morning, getting on the train was interesting.  The skirt I was wearing was fitted and limited my range of motion so when the train engineer once again over-shot the platform and I had to jump up a bit to get to the first step I had a bit of trouble.  I worried this would be a problem, but hoped it wouldn't be.  Maybe I should have lifted up my skirt a bit to help with this situation, but I do have a sense of modesty for goodness sake.  At work my coworker asked me why I was dressed up and if I had something special going on, but that was the only really comment I got.  I think there were some who wanted to ask, but didn't.

In some ways this was an adjustment for me.  As I said above "dressing up" for work is a novelty.  As such, it makes me feel different.  When I dress up nice I believe I carry myself differently.  Even when I'm wearing a nice top and pair of jeans there surely is a more relaxed way about me.  I don't care as much about my appearance.  Also, when I slip on a pair of heel... I truly do carry myself differently then.

It was an interesting little experiment and I'm glad Sarah "tasked" us with this challenge.

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  1. Isn't it interesting? You change up one little thing and you get such a reaction out of people! Great post!

  2. Really cool. I loved reading about the reactions people had since they were so used to seeing you in one way. Sounds like a nice confidence booster too. I sometimes would wear nice shirts and skirts in college and I felt somewhat more important and noticeable as a result.
    I agree that it's a great post!