Monday, August 6, 2012

32 oz. of Pop

This week for the Thursday blog, Susanna gave us the following topic:  It is illegal in some parts of this country to buy a 32 ounce soda but it isn't lllegal to buy a gun.

First and foremost, I'd like to state that I will not be mentioning any of my opinions when it comes to guns and gun control for personal reasons I will not go into.

As for the ban on 32 oz sugary pop drinks (yes, I said POP, not soda)... When Susanna gave us the topic all I could think was, "Really?!?!"  After doing a bit of research online I came across several articles about the proposed ban.  The main reason for this proposed ban has do the New York City government wanting to help it's citizens be healthy.

I understand the intent behind this proposal is to promote healthy living.  Now, I'm all for health living, making healthy choices and promoting these things, however I have to ask if it's really the government's place to control such things.  Especially given there are many other foods and drinks that are worse for you. 

That's all on this topic for me... I have to go out and by myself a 32 oz. pop before some government official in my area decides to follow Mayor Bloomberg's lead.

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