Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Cable Box Wasn't Working

Sunday night, the 2012 Summer Olympic came to an end.

It is kind of a same that that is the case as that was the same day my cable box got fixed.  About a week earlier my connection punked out on me and left me without television capabilities (at least I that is what I thought... but that's a different story).

This week for the Thursday Blog Project, Sara gave us the following topic:  Recap of the Olympics in your own words. What is your favorite event or athlete to watch? If you don't watch, why don't you?

I can't blame my lack of knowledge about what happened during the Olympic totally on my "punked-out" cable box.  It was in fact working for the opening ceremony.  (I know this for a fact because I still have the opening ceremony on my dvr waiting to be viewed.)  The Summer Olympics have never been my all time favorite.  I'm more of a Winter Olympics kind of gal ... I'm all about figure skating!!!

The only thing I did watch in terms of the games was the qualifying gymnastics performance when Jordyn Wieber lost the opportunity to compete for a medal by a minute score difference.  The remainder of my information came from conversations with friends.  Mr. Not-So-Perfect texted me about the running events.  We both agreed running a 10K race in something like 30 minutes was insane.  I heard all about gymnastics from CT.  I also heard about how people were dogging Gabby Douglas on Twitter because her hair wasn't perfect during the competition.  (Seriously?!  She's in the process of winning a gold metal at the Olympics and people are fussing over her hair... WTF people?!)

I didn't "dvr" the closing ceremony.  I should have and hope I will find it somewhere so I can watch it.
(And yes, "dvr" is a verb now!)

I'm looking forward to the 2014 Winter Olympics.... can't wait for figure skating!!!!

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  1. with the whole gabby douglas thing, i was thinking of "the frank sinatra group" on snl and how sinead o'connor was like "there's hunger in the world and all you can talk about is my hair!" :)

    ice skating is fun to watch. i still love "the cutting edge."

  2. Agree on the Gabby Douglas thing- I mean, who cares about her hair?!? No one seemed to care about anyone's else's coif styling. People get so nit picky!