Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Rediscovering A Love

Though I had been writing for several years prior, it wasn't until I was almost finished with college that I discovered my love of writing.

It was winter1998 and I had started an internship in the Public Information department of an adoption agency/maternity home called The Gladney Center for Adoption.  I was very excited about the internship and looked forward to all the knowledge I would gain from it.  However, I wasn't too thrilled about all the writing I would be doing.  I'm not sure how an Advertising/Public Relations major doesn't like writing, but at the time it was the last thing I wanted to spend my time doing.

From the very beginning of my internship one of my responsibilities was to assist with the development and production of the agency's quarterly newsletter.  At first this meant doing some basic work, but eventually led to me writing small 100 word (at most) pieces for the newsletter.  Over time I eventually was given the responsibility of writing an article as well.  Though the writing was formulaic, something happened during that summer that I did not expect.  When I returned to school for my last year of college August 1998 I made it a point to speak with one of my media writing professors about my summer and how I fell in love with writing.  He smiled and told me he knew it was just a matter of time.  Since I wasn't required to "suffer through" another semester of media writing I jumped at every chance I got at my internship.

After graduation I stopped writing as the job I eventually landed in didn't require me to do so.  Furthermore, my job also didn't require me to use the publicity skills I had learned as well.  Sure I could have written on my own, just for my own enjoyment, however I didn't.  Instead it wouldn't be until I started using LiveJournal sometime around 2005 (?) that I would really write again.  Even then, it wasn't the same feeling as I once had felt.

Five years ago I started blogging on a regular basis.  In the beginning I blogged about yarn and knitting as it was a hobby of mine.  However, slowly but surely I began blogging about my life.  I was on the tail-end of a bad divorce and writing made me happy.  Also, it gave me a chance to experiment with different ways of writing and formatting posts.

Getting involved with Chick Lit Central was something I never expect.  Melissa Amster was familiar with my writing and had mentioned on a few occasions she'd like for me to write something for the blog.  After some discussion we agreed to a book review of Meg Cabot's book, Boy Meets Girl; however, when I went to write the review a tribute to Tori Spelling emerged instead.  What can I say, Tori's glory overpowered my drive to write the review.

At this point I feel the need to back up just a bit as I failed to mention that at the time I meant to write the book review I was helping out at CLC behind the scenes with no intention of ever putting my face in the spotlight.  However, not to long after my Tori Spelling tribute I got the opportunity to review Let's Pretend This Never Happened by The Bloggess, a.k.a Jenny Lawson.  Since then the progression of my involvement with CLC is a bit of a blur.  A good blur, but nonetheless a blur.

Whenever anyone asks me what I do for a living I take a bit of a pause before actually answering their question.  The answer typically goes something like, "I'm a Legal Administrator. And... I also do book publicity and book reviews as well."  Then I feel the need to qualify that I don't get paid to do the book stuff even though I'm sure I don't have to.  Once I'm done sharing this information the person I'm talking to usually starts asking me questions about the book publicity/review work I do.  Most recently when I was having this conversation once I was done sharing some information the person in question said to me, "You love doing that, don't you?  I can see it in your face when you talk about it."  I smiled and simply answered, "Yes, I do."  However, inside I took note of her comment as I guess I never really realized how my presences changed when I speak about something, or someone, I love.

About a month ago I started writing a book.  I'm not sure what will come of it, but that hasn't stopped me from pouring my heart and soul into it.  I've also invested monetarily in the process by attending some workshops as well.  Sometimes I stop myself and wonder if it is worth the time, energy and money I've put into this venture.  Periodically the answer is not one people would like to hear.  However, I seem to somehow come that because last night, before I went to sleep, I was working on my book.  Actually, I practically fell asleep writing it.  If I didn't have to get up to turn off the light in my bedroom I probably would have fallen asleep with my laptop on my lap.

Being a part of Chick Lit Central changed my life.  Amongst the many gifts it has given me is that introduced me to such a loving and warm writing community, and gave me an outlet to better fine-tune the writing talent and express my voice.  Furthermore, and probably more importantly, it helped me rediscover a love I had long forgotten.  A love that feeds an important part of my soul and who I am.

For the Thursday Blog Project, Susanna asked us to write about: When you stop looking for something you often find it. Is this something that has been true in you life?  

The above is an example of a time when I found something after I stopped looking for it.  Now that you've read about one of my experiences, please take a moment to see what my fellow blogger have to say:

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  1. I like what you did with this topic. :)

  2. I think it's fantastic that you've set out to write a book! And, I am so glad I met you ladies, my fellow writers. ;)