Friday, June 28, 2013

She May Be A Prima Ballerina One Day

I'll never be a part of a great ballet performance at Lincoln Center.  I already know this to be a fact, and I'm ok with that.  I wasn't designed to be.

I was designed to be worn by a beginner ballerina.  A person who is exploring ballet for the first time.  Or someone who is rediscovering ballet again.

Although the prestige of appearing on such a highly regarded stage is quite appealing, I like that I may be one of many pairs of ballet shoes that helps the prima ballerina get there.

Who knows...

One day, as she's getting ready for her big debut performance  she'll reflect back upon her first ballet lesson when she slipped me on her feet.  How the feel of my canvas around her foot felt awkward to her at first, but in time became just as familiar to her as the basic techniques that helped her move forward to the next level of her dance prowess. 

Or maybe ...

She'll just wear me for the few years she takes ballet and then throw me in a box with other items from her other hobbies.  I won't be sad if that is the case and we don't reunite because I'll know for that short period of time I helped her make memories that will last her a lifetime.

I'm not sure what is ahead for me.  All I know is that there are so many possibilities and I look forward to starting the adventure.


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  1. I liked your take on this post. Very creative and thoughtful!