Thursday, June 6, 2013

An Attorney with a Heart and "Soul"

It's Thursday!

This means it's time for the Thursday Blog Project.  This week, Melissa asked us to: Share a "Chicken Soup for the Soul" story that either happened to you personally or you witnessed. (If you've never read the CSftS books, they're these sweet, heartwarming stories.)

Though I'm sure I will think of MANY Chicken Soup for the Soul stories after I publish this post, at the moment I can't think of any.  So, instead I'm going to tell you about something nice someone I just met is doing for some friends of mine.

I'm always out to help my friends looking for job find one because I know how much the job market sucks right now.  In recent months a lot of my focus has been on my attorney type friends.  The other day I was having lunch with a new writer friend of mine.  We were introduced by the organizers of a writing retreat we're both participating in this summer.  Since this person is local we thought it would be fun to meet up for lunch prior to the retreat.  This lunch took place the other day.

Early on in my conversation with my new friend I asked what she did for a living.  "I"m an attorney," she replied.  I chuckled inside when she said this.  Seriously, what are the odds?  Out of all the participants that will be part of this retreat that live by me, leave it up to the universe to have me befriend the attorney.  (Did I mention that something similar happened my last writing retreat? I became friends with the attorney at that retreat, too!)

Being as familiar as I am with the legal field in my area, I asked what firm she worked at and how long she had been there.  That's when she started telling me all about the firm and her history with them.  She also mentioned that they seem to "always be hiring."  My ears perked up even more!

"Oh really?" I replied.  "I'll have to tell my friends who are looking for attorney jobs about that."  Then, I nicely asked, "Any chance I could have them send their resume to you and you pass it along?"  I have to admit, I was hesitant to ask.  It felt like a lot to ask of someone who hardly knew me let alone my friends.  She said, "Sure!  Not a problem.  Just have them e-mail me.  I don't have any hiring authority, but I would be happy to pass it along."

I later texted my new friend and thanked her again for helping even though she hasn't known me very long.  She told me it was no problem and she was happy to help regardless of how long we've known each other.

So far, only one of the three people I've given her information to has e-mailed her their resume.  (At least I only know of.)  Turns out that she is not just forwarding the resumes on to some HR person in the firm; she is forwarding them on to the managing partner of the firm.  Basically the top guy.  She wasn't sure when he'd be hiring again, but knew that he keeps resumes for when he does hire would seriously look at them.

It turns out, aside from writing my new friend and I have a lot in common.  I'm looking forward to seeing how this friendship develops.  I'm also looking forward to reading her book... but that's a different story for another time! 

There is a stereotype that attorneys are heartless, soulless individuals - and some of them are.  However, I am thankful that the ones I know aren't that way.  This story is just one example of one of the handful of attorney who heart and soul.

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