Thursday, April 28, 2016

Please Stop Being Stuck In The Past!

The Thursday Blog Topic: Life's frustrations.  Let's talk about them.

On a serious note....
  • The next statement may be difficult for those that have known me for a decent period of time....  I am hesitant to write about my frustrations because I try not to complain.  I live a good life filled with many blessings.  I'm not the most affluent person in the world (in many areas life), but I know I have much more then most.  Though this is the case, the fact remains that I have frustrations.  One of my bigger frustrations is that people who have known me for several years don't see me for who I am now.  There is a tendency for people to still see the person I was in the past.  If they can see how I've grown, there is a good group whom I'm sure is just waiting for me to go back to my "old ways."  This frustrates me.... greatly. As a result of this inability to see me for who I am now, to see growth in me, means these same people lack respect for me by treating me as if I'm someone I no longer am.
  • People who get up in my business when it clearly isn't any of their business. This is a very big thing for me right now.
  • When people don't appreciate the opportunities and privileges they've been afforded.  I heard a story of someone whose parents gave them money for a down payment on a home about two years ago.  To date, the parents haven't received a thank you from their child.  There is a lot of commentary I could write on this, but I will leave my comments to a simple... WTF?!?!  How rude and unappreciative!
I have one more serious frustration I want to discuss, but I have to hold off until next week to express it.

On a lighter note....

  • I'm frustrated that I'm having a harder time keeping Passover this year.  Seriously, I've thought about deep dish pizza more than I should.  
  • I'm frustrated by my neighbors.
  • I'm frustrated that the city of Chicago is tearing up the streets in my neighborhood which makes it difficult to get around.
  • I'm frustrated that it's  the end of April and I still feel the need to wear my winter coat.... Seriously, why is this the case?
  • I'm frustrated that the paper in my office seems to reproduce at a faster rate than I can get rid of it.  This causes clutter, disorder and stuffed draws.

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  1. I have noticed a lot of changes recently. I also think we're having a great year so far, no kaynehores, aside from not doing hangouts lately. We need to get back on that! I know we've both been busy. Sorry other people are frustrating you though.

  2. I know how that feels, having people pigeon hole you, not allowing you to grow and change, because they still think you're the person you were years ago. People can, and do, change. Great post!