Monday, March 28, 2016

The House Shrunk

A few weeks back, I gave the Thursday Blog Project the topic of: My childhood home.

This topic was inspired by a trip to one of my old neighborhoods.  It was to where my family lived in West Rogers Park area of Chicago.  For many years I talked about living in this neighborhood, but I never quite knew where exactly in the area I lived.  I mean, I had a street name, but no exact address or cross streets.

A few months back, I did an internet search on my dad.  I was interested to see how much information was on the web about him considering he's been gone over 26 years.  Among the information I found on him was a listing for a home we lived in when I was in pre-school.  Even though I am often in the area this particular address is located, I have never actually driven past it... that is until a few weeks ago.  I was with a friend and mentioned about this house, how it was in the area and how I often think about driving to the address, but never do so.  They suggested as long as we were in the area we should take a spin by it.  It was night time so I didn't see much of it, but I did go back a few days later.

Wow, it shrunk.  Or, at least I think it shrunk.  It was SOOO much smaller than I remember.  Actually, the block we lived on was also smaller than I remember.  (Figures, I was a lot shorter and smaller back then.)   This isn't the first time I had this "I swear it was bigger than this" feeling.  Cozy Corner in Oak Park is the perfect example.  As I've written before, Cozy Corner is a diner my mom's parents use to take me to when I would spend the weekend with them.  When I went back there for the first time since I was a kid, about 10 years ago, I was astounded by how small it actually was versus how big it was in my memory.

This past weekend I drove past a condo building my family lived in when I was child.  It was an amazing space and I have very fond memories from our time there.  I drive past it frequently, but this time I noticed it is for sale.  I texted my mom to let her know this was the case.  Her response, "Are you going to buy it?"  Ha!  That wasn't the reason I texted my mom, but it would be sorta cool to live there again... which I have no plans to do so.  Oh, the many stories I have from that place.  One of them being my favorite the day I learned the song, "Hinei Ma Tov" at the Jewish day school I attend.  Or, how I use to roller skate across the dining room which had a wood floor.  Did I mention the roller skates I was wearing had steel wheels?  There was also the time I called my mom from my brother's room on our second line to ask for a cup of apple juice.  I think by now you get the picture this home was filled with good memories.

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