Thursday, October 8, 2015

Work In Progress

Happy Thursday! This week for the Thursday Blog Project, Sara asked us to write about: Creative Writing. Let's share an excerpt from something we're currently working on, something we've worked on in the past, or ideas of projects we either have in the works or want to have in the works.
Confession Time: I haven't be working on anything in a long time. I haven't touched my manuscript in a long time. I think about, at the very least, starting to edit it some, but I haven't done that in a long time as well.
Among the many reasons I am saddened by the fact that I haven't worked on my manuscript is that I always intended once it was done that I would get my brother A to work with me on the editing portion of the project. A isn't, nor has he ever been, a book editor; however, he is a master at grammar. He'd also probably help me structure sentences better... when needed. So, at the very least, he is the first person I'd have read it so it would be "cleaner" when it got into the hands of someone editing it for content.. But alas, that can't happen unless I have a manuscript - which I don't have in my possession.
Though I don't have a completed manuscript, yet, I am in the processes of working with my brother A on an unlikely project. He's going to be conducting a 4-week writing workshop for professional purposes. It all came about from the fact that I needed someone with outstanding grammar skills, outstanding writing abilities who just happens to also be a good teacher. My brother:
  • Has outstanding grammar skills (CHECK!)
  • Is an outstanding writer. (CHECK!)
  • Taught writing courses to people whose second language was English his whole career who happens to have a string of successful textbooks on the topic of composition. (CHECK!) (CHECK!)
In short, my brother is the trifecta I was seeking. Thankfully, he agreed to do this class even though he is very happily retired. To say I am beyond grateful is an understatement.
Another confession: Though I'm not working with A, yet, on my fine tuning my manuscript working on this writing workshop has been fun and (somewhat) fulfills my dream of working with him.
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  1. Very cool about the workshop.
    I am in a writing slump, so I know how you feel in regards to your manuscript.

  2. Very cool! It's nice to have such great support around you. I wish there was a workshop like that out here!