Thursday, September 4, 2014

Genuine Friendship

I've been avoiding the topic Sara gave us for the July 24th Thursday Blog Project: What are some of your deal breakers when it comes to relationships/friendships/etc?

However, I need to work on catching up... 

This is a sensitive subject for me because I don't go around calling just anyone a friend and I don't get into relationships on a whim.  So, when I stubble upon a deal breaker after becoming emotionally invested in someone it is hard for me to distance myself from said person.  It's difficult for me to "break up."  I will fight to the death to save most of my friendships/relationships.  But alas, at times you must say farewell which for me mean when I'm done, I'm DONE!

With that in mind, I could probably go for a very long time but I hate focusing on the negatives that cause relationships to end.  I've spent more time than I wish to admit on focusing on the end of relationships and friendship that it would fill many lifetimes.  I know they are important to discuss, but I prefer to keep focused on the positive side of the coin.  Today, my BFF sent me this article titled, 11 Signs Of A Genuine Friendship that I'd rather focus on.  What's written in this article is so true and can be applied to both friendships and relationships. 

Please take a moment to read it and think about the things it has to say.

Now that I've said a few words on deal breaker, and genuine friendship, please take a moment to see what my fellow bloggers had to say on the topic:

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  1. Nice idea to focus on the positives. :)

    1. Indeed. Like I said, I've surely spent too much time focusing on the negative when it comes to friendships and relationships in general. The positive is such a better use of my time! :)