Sunday, June 1, 2014

Never, ever will I again!

Thursday Blog Project Topic for May 22nd given by Sara: What is something (or more than one thing) you've done or tried (been there, done that) that you will never do again?

On my wall in my kitchen I have all the "race bling" I've earned, including this one....

As you can see, this particular race took place in February 2013.  Now, I'm not a cold weather runner, but a friend of mine was participating in the race and after some consideration I decided to have an open mind and try a cold winter race.

Yeah..... That was the first AND last time I will ever do one of those!  Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not putting down anyone who runs in cold temperatures.  As far as I'm concerned, more power to you for doing such a thing.  However, that is just one way in which I am not a bad ass.  I clearly don't have what it takes to do such a thing.  I was THRILLED to finished that race and get back inside.

Once I was finished, I sat on the bleachers, inside the gym we had waited in before the race, and cried.  That's how cold and uncomfortable I had been.  I felt so crappy, I didn't even text my friend whom I had met up with at the race because I just wanted to be alone and work through my not so great feelings.

These days, I look at that "race bling" and smile.  It no longer represents a crappy racing experience.  Instead, it serves as a time when I stepped outside my comfort zone for a brief moment.

I'd like to say I'll "never" participate in such a race again - because let's face it, I could one day change my mind.  However, at this moment in time I feel fairly confident that a winter race, such as this one, is something I will NEVER do again.

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