Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Fort Knox of Secrets

I have to admit that when Sara gave the Thursday Blog Project group her topic, I smiled.  Now you probably are wondering, what topic could possibly make me smile?  Well here it is:

Are you good at keeping secrets? Describe a time you were able to keep a secret, and another time where you were unable to. What were the outcomes in both scenarios?

See, in a former life I was in a profession that required me to keep information confidential.  I was trusted with personal information about those I worked with and dealings of the organizations I worked for.  Being able to keep things confidential was completely necessary and I took this requirement seriously. 

Truth be told, keeping things confidential wasn't hard for me.  See, I've always believed if someone trusts you with information they don't want others to know you should keep it confidential.   Since this is the case if I ever wanted to share something confidential with someone else, because it was relevant to what they were experiencing, I would generalize the story down so much there is no way you would know the specific origin of the information or exactly all the details.  However, the person would still get the higher level message.

I will take a lot of secrets with me to my grave.  There have been many times I've been in situations where I knew something another person didn't, but maybe should have.  It's sucked.  However, if someone has entrusted me with information they don't want me to share it's not my place to do so. Now after saying that I feel the need to add that we are talking things that don't break the law.  If it were something that weren't legal or something like that then that's a whole different story. 

There have been times when I had to talk about a secret I knew about only because the person who told me it pulled me into their situation and it was something I didn't agree with.  I wanted out, but didn't how to disassociate myself from the situation without the risk of alienating someone I cared about.  I felt bad for sharing this information, but I know that there is a line you have to draw when the secret begins to impact your life and well-being.

The hardest "secret" I ever had to keep to myself dealt with an organization I worked for that was planning for a reduction in force.  It just happened that our team learned about the upcoming events approximately a week to two weeks before it was going to take place.  Since we would be closely involved in preparing for it, we all had to sign confidentiality agreements.  These agreements meant that we couldn't speak about it to anyone at work who wasn't involved in getting prepared for it, but also our families and significant others.  Such a thing was extremely difficult for me and weighed on my shoulder, greatly!  Sometime I would cry because I had no other outlet to express the emotions that were festering up inside of me. 

After it was over, and I was no longer obligated to keep things confidential, I shared with my mom and the guy I was dating at the time what happened and how long I knew about it.  Both of them said they could tell I had been very upset about something and where just waiting for when I was ready to talk about it.

I guess the bottom line to all this is that I feel that keeping information confidential is important and reflects on ones character.  I'm not 100% great at this, but my overall track record is such that a good friend of mine once gave me the title of, "The Fort Knox of Secrets." 

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  1. You are definitely the queen of being vague when it comes to secrets and confidential information. I applaud you for that!

    1. Thanks, Melissa! I try the best I can.

  2. Glad I made you smile. :) I completely agree, the ability to keep someone's secrets confidential for sure reflects on one's character. Great post!