Friday, March 21, 2014

Confession: Part Two

When I wrote yesterday's post titled, "Confession: Part One" I did so with the intention to make a second confession that builds upon yesterday's confession. 

Confession:  I pray for people I'm mad at and some I don't know if I'll ever speak to again.

I don't often talk about my prayer habits, including what I specifically pray for.  Nor do I ask others to share what they pray for. (Prayer is such an individual and private thing.)  However, during a discussion about prayer with my BFF, I mentioned the people I pray for.  Some of names weren't a surprise to my BFF, however some were.  After sharing, she said (paraphrased), "I love that you pray for people you don't like and/or are mad at."

Okay... yeah, I get why she said such a thing.  To some degree it amazes me that I do such a thing.  Then, I take a step back and realize that though I may have vast differences with these people it doesn't mean I don't still care about them.  It doesn't mean I want them to have an awful life. 

So, why am I SO compelled to throw this out into cyberspace?

Ultimately, I believe I'm sharing this because it is my hope is that such a mindset becomes more the norm than the exception.  If I have learned anything over the past years it's that for some reason as a society we focus more on people's faults and shortcomings rather than where they excel and what makes them special (in a good way).

Wouldn't it be great if it was the other way?


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  1. This was beautifully said, Tracey. This has certainly helped to remind me that it's better to think in a positive manner, vs. being filled with negativity. Thank you so much for sharing this!