Thursday, January 23, 2014


This week for the Thursday Blog Project, Denise asked us to write about the following:  Is it ever better to not know the truth? If so, give an example.

A few weeks ago, someone made a random comment to me about addictions.  In short, they said it's interesting the things we can be addicted to.  That addictions aren't just bad things like drugs, alcohol, etc.  I found the fact that this was coming from this particular person interesting (and somewhat amusing) because I have to confess - I'm addicted to their hugs.

Yes, I'm addicted to a hug.  But not just any hug.  It's a hug that makes me feel at home and at peace.  I could be in the worst of moods and within seconds of experiencing this hug feel better many times over. Like the squishy, broken in pillow you've had for years that you secretly wrap your arms around at night so you can relax and go to sleep.  It's the precious place where your heart feels safe to live, love, grow and just be... all at the same time.

Now, at first you're probably asking yourself why I consider this a bad thing.  Wouldn't that be an awesome thing to be addicted to, and to experience?  However, the truth is that I don't get hugs from this individual often (at least recently), and I'm not really sure when I will get another again.  If at all.

As I come to terms with this fact I begin to wonder if it's a good thing to know the truth about this special hug.  That such a hug even exists.  A hug that took no time to cultivate... it just was right there in front of me the second I wrapped my arms around this person, and they wrapped theirs around me.  Is it better to have hugged and lost, then to never hugged at all?

Right now I'm leaning toward saying it isn't, but I guess time will tell. 

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  1. I like your approach to this post. I know what you mean though. Like sometimes when you get a good thing and you know what to expect from it and then it's not as frequent, you find yourself craving it. Am I right?

  2. I really liked this. If you'd never hugged in the first place, you'd never have known how great those hugs could be. Now that you can't have them when you want them, you wonder if you should have never hugged to begin with. All this hug talk makes me want to go and find someone to hug!

    1. If I had never hugged them than I would have never known the awesomeness a hug could hold and I wouldn't miss it. Furthermore, I wouldn't have such a high standard for future hugs. At least that is the reasoning behind why it's not good to know such a hug exists.