Monday, November 11, 2013

The Great Tragedy of Love

She leaned against the bar scanning the room for Dana.  She was tired and wondering how much longer she would wait before departing the event she so hesitantly agreed to attend.  She wasn't a fan of singles parties, but two of her good friends somehow convinced her to go anyhow.

Just as she made the decision to find Dana to let her know she was going to depart, Don walked in.  Don and Stacey weren't best buds, but as fellow IT geeks, and MOTs, they were always happy to see one another and had much to chat about. After talking for a bit, Don invited her to walk with him and his friend Leah.  Without so much as a pause, she said agreed and the trio made their way through the sea of bodies.  Yes, she did want to go, but figured at the very least maybe she would find Dana along the way and let her know that she intended to leave in the next 10 - 20 minutes.

As Don, Leah and Stacey made their way  through the narrow walkway, Don spotted someone he knew and stopped to say hello.  Though not introduced immediately to Don's acquaintance, Bob, Stacey joined in on their conversation about how grossly hot it was outside on that particular day.

"You know, when I didn't get accepted to law school I wasn't happy about it; however, it's days like this I am glad for this fact because it means I don't have to wear a suit in this awfully hot weather," she said.  As the group chuckled at the remark, she noticed Bob's eyes.  They were looking with great intent and interest.

After Don, Leah and Bob were finished laughing at her comment, Stacey looked at Bob and asked, "What do you do for a living?"

"I'm a lawyer."

"Oh, my!" she said, "I'm so sorry.  I didn't mean to make fun of you."

"It's okay. It's true.  Wearing a suit during the summer can be rough, but you get use to it."

The next thing they knew, Bob and Stacey were chatting away about anything and everything they could possibly think of and the 10 - 20 minutes window Stacey had given herself before she left turned into a hour/hour and a half.

Before she knew it, Dana was the one finding her and asked if she was ready to go.  Upon realizing she was leaving, Bob sprang out of his seat and went to pay his tab.

"I'll be right back.  Don't leave!"

"I won't!" she said.

 Dana didn't have to say a word, the look on her face said it all... "Yeah, I've been watching you two... and you said you wouldn't meet anyone!"

Since it turned out Bob had taken the same public transportation as Stacey and Dana had he walked them to the train station.  Much to Bob's (and Stacey's) delight, they were both heading in the same direction.  The train ride passed by, quickly, and as they approached her stop he feverishly put her number is his phone, promising to call soon.  They hugged and she made her way to the train's doors.


They stood by her front door embracing the other as tightly as they could.  His arms were wrapped around her waist as her arms wrapped around his shoulders.  Her head was buried in the nook between his shoulder and neck.  The only movement to be had was the shifting of their arms so they wouldn't go numb.  

Their heads knew why they made the decision they did, but their hearts weren't on the same page.  It had only been three months, but the fact that it was ending didn't seem right.  How could they be saying goodbye?  It seemed unreal.  She told herself this was for the best.  The words repeated in her head like a broken record.... 

"It's for the best... It's for the best... It's for the best..."

Finally after half an hour, she made a bad joke to break the tension that filled the air.  They hugged one last time and then he open the door.  As he said good night they looked into each other's eyes, just as they had on that first night.  Except, this time, their eyes were filled with love, sadness and the disbelief that they were no longer.


For last week's Thursday Blog Project, Sara asked the group to pick a quote that inspired them and write about why it inspired them.  For my post, I was inspired by a quote from the play Stormfall.  The quote went something like, "Every love story is a great tragedy because just as it's beginning its ending is already determined."

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  1. Never heard that quote, but it is definitely intense. You are definitely a great story writer and should keep at it.

  2. Thank you for the kind words, Melissa!