Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Catholic School Girl at Heart

Before I write about the Thursday Blog Project topic, I wanted to welcome our newest member, Denise - a.k.a Darwin Shrugged.

This week's topic was inspired by a Shabbos dinner I went to this past Friday.

I asked the group to write about: Find an outfit in your closet that you've had for a long time and write about it.

Back in Fall 2008 I acquired a black and grey plaid jumper dress from Anthropolgie.  I loved this dress because it was fitted in all the right places, had flair without being over the top and was designed in a sassy-conservative way.  Since it was a jumper I had to put a top underneath it so I went with a black Ann Taylor Loft I had gotten a year or so earlier.  To complete the look I wore them with a grey pair of tights and my Steve Madden Mary Janes 

(Why do I feel like a bit of a label whore all the sudden???)

As I said, I like that the dress hugged my body in all the right ways, but it also made the flaws look good too.  I felt sexy and confident in the dress.  It was my version of doing the "Catholic School Girl" look minus the button up shirt and pleated skirt (which I believe has gotten quite short these days).  

At the time I got the dress I was dating this guy and for his Christmas gift I was going to make him a hat out a nice grey yarn I had picked up at a Lorna's Laces mill ends sale.  However, not too long after I got the yarn we stopped seeing each other.  Since I'm not one to let good yarn go to waste I made a thin cable scarf for me.  I affectionately call this scarf my "School Girl Scarf".  

Over the next year or so the outfit stayed the same... that is until it was time for me to part ways with the Mary Janes.  For awhile I wore my Jessica Simpson Ballet flats (Yes,  more label dropping); however, wearing flats is a bit tough.  Then, in early 2011 I got my Doc Marten Mary Janes. (I swear I don't need therapy for this label addiction I apparently have.)   The Docs were a great addition to this outfit (or so I thought) because I could wear them in winter and not fear (as much) slipping on ice.  

As the shoes to this outfit were changing the fabric of the dress and top were starting to wear, but that didn't stop me from sporting the look.  This did eventually became a problem in 2012 when I packed on some poundage.  I remember one particular Shabbos I wore the outfit to that I basically stuffed myself into the dress and broke a seam... or two.  Granted seam breakage would have probably happened had it not been so old, however I'm sure the fact that it was a few years old by this point didn't help.  By the time last winter rolled around I was going through a lot of change.  I was actively working on losing weight and growing my hair longer.  

The first time I put on this outfit this year it no longer gave me the sassy school girl feeling it once did.  Instead, there was a bit of room in the dress and the Docs looked clunky.  I felt silly.  I'm not sure what happened between my ultra chubby days in late 2012/early 2011 and now.  I didn't think losing weight would change how I viewed things.  I didn't realize slimming down would somehow mature me  and impact the types of clothes I wear.... but apparently it did.

Even though I wore it the other day, I don't know how much longer it's gonna be in my clothing rotation.  Though I'm still putting off purchasing clothes that fit my new body I know that is nearing an end and a lot of pieces, like this dress, will soon be given away to a thrift store or thrown away.  In a way that makes me sad.  It's like throwing away the past, but in other ways excited because we all must move forward at some point into new adventures... right?!

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  1. Cute outfit and I love the label "name dropping." I don't think I've ever seen you in it though.

    1. I got it in 2008. I can't think of a time you would see me in it.

  2. It's a very cute dress/outfit! Are you planning a "shopping spree... for me" trip, soon? When I lost a lot of weight, I did, and it was so great to see how much had changed, not just physically but mentally as well. My tastes were very different, and like you'd said, a "maturity" happens. Great post!