Monday, September 2, 2013

On the "Edge" of Lake Michigan

This week for the Thursday Blog Project, Sara asked us to write about:  Tell us about your hometown, the place where you grew up.

When I was born, my family lived in a highrise building located in an area of Chicago known as the Edgewater neighborhood. 

Since I was very young when we moved, I can't remember much about living there.  I do recall going
to a pre-school at a place called Mundeline College (which eventually got taken into the Loyal College system).  It was right down the street from where we lived so we always walked to school.  I also remember having a babysitter whose name I believe was Kathy.  She went to Mundeline College and once gave me a teddy bear with a vest that had a "M" on it.

After Edgewater, we moved to the West Rogers Park (WRP) area.  Though it's an area of Chicago that is where a lot of Orthodox Jews live, we were not Orthodox.  While living there, I attended pre-school at the Jewish Community Center (JCC) that was just down the street from us.  My most distinct memory of the JCC is taking swim lessons there.  (It's funny the things that standout about a place or time in ones life.) While we lived in WRP, I developed a fear of big dogs because of a crazy German Shepard that would periodically get loose and run around the block.  On one occasion, a bunch of us were outside when this happened.  As soon as we noticed the dog was out we went running toward my friends house except I was too slow and no one would let me in.  So, I had to go next door to my house.  However, as I made my way to my house I tripped and fell.  When I looked up, the crazy dog was right in front of me growling.  I got up as fast as I could and sprinted around the dog and up the stairs that led to our front down.  I stood between the screen door and the main door as I waited for someone to let me in. When I think about it, I can still feel how scared I was and see the tears running down my face because all I wanted was for someone to let me inside so I would be "safe".  In retrospect, I'm not sure how much the dog would have hurt me, but back then it was super terrifying.  As I mentioned above, I let this cause me years and years and years of fear of large dogs. 

After living in West Rogers Park, we moved and to what I now call "The White House" apartment.  It was very large, three bedroom apartment with a maids quarter in the back.  The building had an indoor swimming pool that I always LOVED going to.  I have two favorite memories of this particular home.  The first is the large dining room.  Against my mom's wishes, I would often roller skate across the wood floor of this room with my skates that had steel wheels.  I still don't know WHY it was such a big deal that I did this, but it was.  My other favorite memory was that my bedroom, which was quite large, was right next to my dad's office area.  On occasion my dad wasn't thrilled about this fact.  For example, the time I kept singing the Hebrew song "Hine Ma Tov".  I had learned it at school that day.  After a few times of singing it, my dad kindly asked  me why I choose that song to sing and I replied that it was what we learned in school that day (I was attending a private Jewish day school at the time).  My dad's response to that was, "Did you learn any other songs?"  I smile when I think of that.  Poor guy!  I'm guessing he wasn't as thrilled as I was to have his office area by my room at that particular moment.  This particular place was also right down the street from where my oldest brother lived and a Dairy Queen.  My oldest brother doesn't live in that neighborhood anymore, but the Diary Queen is still there. :)

Over the past several months, I have driven past these areas.  If I have someone in the car, I feel the need to point out different places.  If I don't, I simple smile and remember the past.  I'm glad these places make me smile.  It makes me feel good to know I have good memories of where I use to live, and of my childhood.

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  1. See...I learn new things about you with each post you put up. I was expecting you to write about the house I used to visit you at in Wilmette. Oh well. I just remember walking to Edens Plaza with you and how grown up we were going shopping without parents and eating at Irving's. :)

    1. Indeed. It was very grown up of us to walk over to Edens Plaza on our own! :) Glad I could share more of my childhood with you!

  2. I love that you could roller skate in your apartment! How cool is that???

    1. EXACTLY!!! How could I NOT roller skate in the apartment with the temptation staring me right in the face?!?!?!?!